Yard Armour® Mosquito Control in Wayne

Yard Armour Program Mosquito Control in WayneAre mosquitoes sucking the fun out of your summer evenings? Reclaim your lawn with Yard Armour mosquito control from Lawn Doctor of Wayne. As Northeast NJ’s local lawn care experts, we know how big of a nuisance mosquitoes can be for homeowners, not to mention the danger they pose as disease-carriers. We also know the treatments, products, and strategies that work best to keep mosquitoes at bay. We’ve packaged them together under our exclusive Yard Armour system, helping you fight back against these bothersome – often dangerous – pests.

Mosquito Treatments from Lawn Doctor of Wayne

Lawn Doctor of Wayne can reduce existing mosquito populations and prevent new populations from developing with Yard Armour treatment. Our mosquito control programs work in three effective steps:

  • Mosquito Prevention. We work with homeowners on systems and strategies that stop mosquitoes from being attracted to and breeding on your property.
  • Mosquito Control. Our Yard Armour treatments reduce existing mosquito populations.
  • Ongoing Mosquito Maintenance. For regular, ongoing protection, we offer routine mosquito maintenance and control.

Our Mosquito Control Options for the Wayne Area

At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of mosquito control options, helping Wayne-area homeowners repel and reduce mosquito populations in a variety of ways. In addition to Yard Armour, our mosquito treatment options include:

  • Special Event Programs. For holiday cookouts, family reunions, graduation parties, weddings, and birthdays.
  • All Natural Mosquito Treatments. We offer 100% natural and organic solutions to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

The Lawn Doctor of Wayne Guarantee

Long Doctor of Wayne is owned and operated by longtime Northeast NJ residents. Because of this, we know the conditions and climate of this area and their effects on mosquito populations better than anyone. We combine this local expertise with a friendly, neighborly approach, guaranteeing your satisfaction on every treatment we provide. If you’re ever dissatisfied with one of our treatments, we’ll either refund the cost of the treatment or reapply it – it’s that simple.

Call Today for a Mosquito Control Estimate

For a free mosquito control evaluation and estimate, call us today at 973-492-9110. Lawn Doctor of Wayne serves homeowners throughout Northeast NJ, with a service network that covers Butler, Paramus, Kinnelon, and Clifton.

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