Tick Control in Reading

provider of tick control in Reading

When your outdoor spaces aren’t effectively protected, there’s a long list of different pests that can get in and take over. However, out of all these pests, ticks are some of the most dangerous. Because of how quickly they can spread and their ability to carry dangerous diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, keeping tick numbers under control is essential. To protect your yard from these pests without the headaches of fighting them alone, call in the pros. Our team utilizes proven tick control solutions to help Reading, PA area residents fend off these invasive pests and prevent them from coming back in the future.

Our Comprehensive Tick Control Process

To fight invasive tick populations and keep your yard protected over time, our team utilizes a process with multiple steps. Here’s a closer look at the steps in our pest control process and how they work together to bring you comprehensive protection:

1. Preventing Tick Infestations

The most common way for ticks to end up on your property is when they’re brought in by small animals like mice and other rodents. If there are several places in your yard where these animals can hide, there’s a higher chance of them moving in and bringing hungry ticks with them. To help you prevent tick infestations from popping up, we’ll work with you to manage potential hiding places and prevent the animals that can carry ticks from invading your yard.

2. Addressing Active Populations

To fight active populations of ticks, a direct approach is essential. We’ll significantly reduce your yard’s resident tick population in a single visit with our proven tick control treatments in the Reading area. These treatments utilize cutting-edge products to quickly and effectively address active tick populations and put a barrier in place to keep them at bay.

3. Providing Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping tick populations under control over time requires ongoing efforts. With follow-up applications of our tick control treatments, we’ll help you prevent ticks from creeping into your yard and taking over in the future.

Hassle-Free Tick Control for Reading Area Residents

Our team takes the headaches out of tick control. To save you time, we don’t require you to be at home during service. If you have somewhere else to be while our team treats your yard for ticks, just let us know, and we’ll leave you a service record once we’re done.

For tick control in Reading, Lebanon, Jonestown, Berks County, Lebanon County, and the surrounding areas, contact us today!