It’s Time for Tick Control in Reading

Closeup picture of a tick from our Tick Control in Reading

Ticks are small and difficult to see. As a result, you can be bitten without noticing and develop a dangerous illness, like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. But with Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, we have the solutions that will safeguard your yard and family. Our tick control is so powerful because it’s built based on the pest and climate conditions in the Reading, PA area. This means it’s timed precisely to control, suppress, and protect, giving you peace of mind in the process.

How Our Tick Control Works in Reading

Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks is a top choice for tick control in and around Reading thanks to our expertise. We understand the life cycle of the tick and when to treat them, so they don’t spread. To do so, we take a multi-step approach with our Yard Armour® tick program. It comes complete with services to:

Protect your yard. We will deliver a proactive barrier spray around your yard to keep ticks away from the start of the season.

Treat existing activity. Even if there are already pests in or around your property, we offer a powerful blend of treatments to stop them in their tracks.

Suppress ticks continually. We will return at multiple points during the weeks and months ahead, giving you continual protection around your family and your yard.

Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks is here for you with tick control, as well as education about what you can do to further protect your lawn and loved ones. We’ll even walk around your property with you, showing you those areas, like overgrown bushes and wood piles, that are appealing to these pests, so you can eliminate them. We’ll work together to cut tick numbers dramatically and improve your safety and quality of life, as a result.

Call Today to Get Control Over Ticks in Your Yard

Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks is a locally owned and operated provider of tick control. But we do more than apply treatments. We work hard during every service visit to give you back a lawn that’s comfortable and healthy, one where you will feel confident every time you step outside. If you’re ready for this high level of tick control and the peace of mind that comes with it, we’re here for you in:

For effective and affordable tick control in Reading, PA, contact us today and set up your free consultation and estimate!