Lawn Aeration in Reading

Before and after lawn aeration in ReadingGetting your lawn into great shape for the season ahead requires a certain level of care. But all that mowing, watering, and fertilizing won’t do much if soil is compacted and a heavy layer of thatch is covering the surface. Both of these restrict the intake of critical resources, from air to nutrients, while also compressing grass roots. But there is an easy answer from Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks. It’s with our lawn aeration services, available throughout Reading, Lebanon, and in other nearby communities in southern PA.

Lawn Aeration: How Reading-Area Homeowners Can Tell It’s Time

There are certain classic signs to look for that your lawn requires aeration. These include seeing water that’s pooling, puddling, or running off. Also, when you can’t easily get a pencil or screwdriver into the ground because it’s so hard, soil conditions are compacted. As a result, you’ll notice:

  • Weak or stunted grass
  • Discoloration
  • Bare spots
  • A rise in weeds, like dandelions, that flourish in compacted soil

There are many factors that cause issues with compaction. Some you have control over, like the amount of foot traffic your lawn experiences. Others, however, you don’t, such as when you have clay-based soil with tightly packed particles, or when the area gets heavy, pounding rains.

Lawn Aeration: What to Expect with Our Approach in Reading

With lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, we offer a simple way for homeowners across the Reading area to relieve compaction and reduce surface thatch. Through core aeration, we put our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment to work in your lawn, coring out small plugs of soil several inches deep. This process creates more room for grass roots to grow deep and to spread out. At the same time, it stops restrictive surface thatch from hindering air, water and nutrients from penetrating into the ground.

As a result, your lawn will benefit in many valuable ways. For instance, there will be:

  • Improved soil quality, airflow, and water uptake
  • More efficient absorption of key nutrients from the soil and from fertilizer applications
  • Less surface thatch and fewer issues with the diseases and pests it can shelter

When it comes to lawn aeration in the Reading area, timing is important. If not performed during the right season, damage can happen. Also, if weeds are actively growing, they could threaten the health of your lawn. But with Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, you don’t have to worry. We know the optimal times to aerate, all so your lawn can recover faster, grow in healthier, and produce the lush, beautiful results you want.

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