Lawn Fertilization in Reading

Man in shirt with green thumb lawn doctor logo showing lawn fertilization in Reading

Sick of spotty growth and yellowing grass? Want every inch of your lawn to look thick and lush? At Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, we’re experts at bringing that vision to life. In fact, with our lawn fertilization services – available from Reading and Lebanon to Berks County and beyond – we can give your lawn the fuel it needs for improved turf density, bolder color, and stronger natural defenses, guaranteed.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services

As local lawn fertilization experts, Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks knows how to perform the job properly. We not only consider the specifics of your lawn, like type, grass species, size, and soil conditions, but also our area’s rainfall rates, weather, and other issues impacting the health of local yards. As a result, you’ll get a customized treatment plan and schedule that ensures your lawn is fertilized as effectively as possible.

In addition to this in-depth knowledge, we can also offer you:

  • Fertilizers enriched with vital minerals, like nitrogen, known to promote robust growth, health, and color.
  • Fertilizers that are delivered in a slow-release product for steady nourishment in your lawn over time.
  • Application equipment – Turf Tamer® – designed with a ground-metering distribution system for even coverage throughout your lawn.

With fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, homeowners across the Reading area never have to worry about common mistakes, such as applying too much product or delivering it at the wrong times of the year. Instead, you can simply sit back and relax, enjoying a yard that looks greener and lusher with stronger defenses and fewer diseases and weeds.

Ongoing Lawn Fertilization Programs

The best-looking lawns are the product of regular care and attention. That’s why we offer a comprehensive program for fertilization that also delivers weed control to local lawns across the Reading and Lebanon areas. Besides nourishing fertilization applications, it provides control against broadleaf, grassy, and pre-emergent weeds. While the services your lawn receives will be individualized around its specific needs, most lawns typically require from four to six applications. You never have to be home for us to care for your lawn and we even cover our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Find out why customers from Reading, Lebanon, and other surrounding PA communities consistently choose us for lawn fertilization. Call Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks today at (717) 270-0981 for your free consultation.