Fall Lawn Care in Altoona: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in AltoonaYour lawn can take a beating over summer. Likewise, harsh winter weather can also cause stress. That’s why autumn offers an opportune time to get your turf into great shape for the rigors ahead and a beautiful re-emergence come spring. At Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County, we can help. As a leading provider of fall lawn care in Altoona, PA, we know all the right moves to make to ensure your yard is in great shape. Some ways to give it the right level of TLC include:

Fertilization. Before your grass goes dormant for winter, feed it with key nutrients that will drive more robust root development and enable them to store nutrients until spring.

Seeding. If some areas of your lawn died off due to summer stress and drought, now’s the time to seed these areas to thicken them up and restore overall health and appearance.

Aerating. Heavy summer foot traffic can lead to compacted soil. But with core aeration, not only will you relieve it, but also open up pathways for water and nutrients to flow to roots.

Controlling pests. Many types of pests populate local lawns in autumn in the Altoona area, making pest control another important fall lawn care task. If you notice an issue, take care of it now, so an infestation doesn’t emerge in the spring.

Raking. Once leaves are falling on your yard, rake or blow and remove them. If there’s a heavy layer, it stops grass from getting enough sunlight and oxygen, causing issues with diseases.

Mowing. Continue to mow your lawn at 3 inches until it stops growing and goes dormant for the winter. Only cut off around 1/3 of the height at a time, though, so your grass doesn’t get stressed when you mow.  The final mowing of the year – around Thanksgiving – should be lower, 2″ height is preferred for late mowing.

Let Altoona’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

Need help with some of the tasks above? Call in the fall lawn care team at Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County. While you handle the mowing and raking, we can tackle many of the other treatments in a way that’s customized to your yard. They each must be performed on a strict schedule, using the proper products, which is why it’s so important to get expert assistance.

Get started today by calling 943.2430 or 1.800.345.LAWN (5296) for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in Altoona, PA, including in surrounding communities, such as Hollidaysburg, Duncansville, Johnstown, Bedford County, Port Matilda, Stormstown, and Huntingdon.