Lawn Fertilization in Altoona

Man wearing shirt with green thumb showing lawn fertilization in Altoona

A lawn that’s green and thick doesn’t get there naturally. Instead, for your turf to reach its full potential, fertilization is necessary. And at Lawn Doctor of Altoona-Johnstown-Bedford County, we make the process easy. We offer a variety of lawn fertilization plans and programs to customers across areas including Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Duncansville, Johnstown, Bedford County, and beyond. Whatever you choose us for, our solutions are customized and guaranteed to bring new life to your lawn.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services

Just like humans need a regular diet of key nutrients, your grass requires a healthy blend of essential elements and minerals to look lush and healthy, and stay strong against weeds, diseases, and pests. But it takes more than a one-time application to bring out your yard’s best. Regular fertilization treatments throughout the growing season are necessary to ensure a thriving lawn. If you’re busy, you might not have the time to deliver them. That’s where fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Altoona-Johnstown-Bedford County comes in. With our services, you’ll get:

  • Custom solutions. We will evaluate your lawn type, grass species, and overall health to develop a plan that’s tailor-made for your turf. We’ll also factor in soil, current weather and climate conditions so we’re fertilizing at the optimal points of each season.
  • High-end materials. The products we use are enriched and slow-release so your lawn receives nutrients, such as nitrogen, over an extended period of time.
  • Even coverage. Our Turf Tamer® lawn equipment delivers fertilizer across every inch of your lawn in precise amounts, thanks to patented ground-metered technology.

In addition to our standard fertilization treatments, we also offer natural lawn care. The products we use in these services are made from ingredients designed to stimulate soil life, improve your yard’s natural defenses, and strengthen the root system, all without any risk to the environment.

On-Going Lawn Fertilization Programs

If you want the best from your lawn, an ongoing solution is key. At Lawn Doctor of Altoona-Johnstown-Bedford County, we offer it through our Keystone fertilization and weed control program of care. By delivering four to six green lawn applications during the year, we can keep your yard healthy and green while minimizing pest, disease, and weed pressure.

Ready for professional help getting your lawn into great shape? Call 943.2430 or 1.800.345.LAWN (5296) today for your free consultation. Lawn Doctor of Altoona-Johnstown-Bedford County offers lawn fertilization services to customers in Altoona, PA and the surrounding communities, such as Port Matilda, Stormstown, Huntingdon, Hollidaysburg, and Duncansville.