Lawn Aeration in Altoona PA

From regular foot traffic to heavy rainfall and snow, your lawn takes a pounding during every season. As a result, soil can become compacted over time with thatch building over the surface. Grass then can’t absorb needed nutrients and can even begin to suffocate. The good news is that Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County can help. With our lawn aeration services, designed for local customers across the Altoona, PA area, we can relieve compaction and remove thatch, all to get your lawn breathing and thriving again.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits for Altoona Homeowners

Is your soil compacted? Beyond standing water, thinning grass, and having a dense soil type, like clay, there’s an easy way to tell. Simply take a screwdriver and try to dig it into the ground. If it’s hard to do, then your lawn could benefit from aeration from Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County. With this service, we can open up your lawn so it:

  • Absorbs nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen more efficiently
  • Enhances the effectiveness of your fertilizer treatments
  • Handles heat and drought better
  • Develops a deeper, stronger root system
  • Multi-Pass Aeration PLUS Over Seeding can also be done to thicken a thin lawn

Lawn Aeration: How Our Process Works For the Altoona Area 

While you can certainly aerate on your own, the equipment is expensive and often hard to use. Not only that, but one mistake can cause serious damage and lead to issues with weeds and diseases. Instead, call in Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County for a meticulous approach to lawn aeration.

Our team of experts relies on the core aeration method, during which we use our proprietary, state-of-the-art Turf Tamer® equipment to dig out small plugs of soil, grass, and thatch from throughout your lawn. Beyond introducing more air into the soil, this process also creates pathways for an increased level of nutrients and water to get absorbed by grass roots.

With Lawn Doctor of Altoona – Johnstown – Bedford County, you can count on our team to aerate at the right time of year to ensure active growth after aeration, all with little competition from weeds. In addition, our team can seed your lawn once we aerate, which will go a long way in boosting turf density.

Go enjoy your day, whether it’s golfing, fishing, or spending time with your family. Let our trained specialists handle the aeration process and produce a lawn that looks healthier and grows in stronger in the weeks and months that follow.

Our lawn aeration services are available in Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Duncansville, Johnstown, Bedford County, Port Matilda, Stormstown, Huntingdon, and other surrounding PA communities. Learn more today by scheduling a free consultation at 943-2430 or 1-800-345-LAWN (5296).