Weed Control in Albuquerque: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing need for weed control in AlbuquerqueWeeds might seem like an endless problem. But with Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, they don’t stand a chance. As a top choice for weed control in the Albuquerque, NM area, we understand which are most common, when they appear, and how to treat and suppress them. As a result, you’ll have far fewer ruining the health and appearance of your yard. Here’s how our approach works.

Weed Control for Albuquerque Lawns in 3 Easy Steps

When weeds are infesting, they do more than look ugly. They actually eat away at your lawn’s resources, like nutrients and space. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque’s Lawn Maintainer program can help with weed control. With it, we’ll get to species of all kinds that are just developing and those already on the surface, all while improving the strength of your yard so it can better defend itself going forward. It’s a proven combination and includes:

Pre-emergent Control. Getting to weeds before they sprout through the surface and spread is vital to successful weed control. Not only does it stop these young plants from continuing to develop, but, as a result, they can’t get rooted in your yard, drop seed, and produce a higher population.

Post-emergent Control. When you’ve got weeds in your lawn already, whether they’re broadleaf, grassy, annual, or perennial, Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque has the solutions you need with post-emergent control. It’s timed at critical phases of the growing season, taking advantage of points when weeds are most vulnerable.

Fertilization. When your grass is fuller and stronger, it can better fend off attacks from weeds. That’s where fertilization helps. With it, your lawn will be treated with a nutrient-rich, slow-release formula, designed to deliver a variety of critical essentials all over a period of weeks.

Turf Tamer® Equipment: For Better Weed Control Coverage

With Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, you’ll not only gain access to our customized Lawn Maintainer program for weed control, but our cutting-edge Turf Tamer equipment, too. It’s built with a 16-horsepower engine and advanced ground-metering technology, all for fast, even applications that don’t miss an inch. As a result, you’ll see healthier, thicker, and more vibrant growth without weeds or patchy areas.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque today at (505) 884-4433 and set up a free consultation. We’ll explain more about our weed control in Albuquerque, NM-area communities, including Bernalillo, Corrales, Paradise Hills, Placitas, Rio Rancho, and Taylor Ranch.