Lawn Aeration in Albuquerque

before and after of lawn aeration in AlbuquerqueYou spend a lot of time caring for your lawn. But you’re still seeing weak growth and poor color. It could be due to issues under the soil’s surface, as well as those just above. Soil compaction and surface thatch are two of the biggest enemies for healthy lawns. Let Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque help you get the better of both. With our proven lawn aeration services, offered throughout the Albuquerque, NM area, we can alleviate both compaction and thatch, freeing up roots and blades to better respond to the care you deliver.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque: How to Tell It’s Time

Soil compaction and surface thatch can be caused by a variety of factors, such as driving and parking vehicles on your lawn. Just walking over it can cause compaction too. This is compounded if you have kids and pets, regularly playing hard on your lawn. Environmental factors, such as rainfall, or simply the soil type you have can also contribute to compaction.

When it comes to issues with compaction and thatch, there are a few signs you can look for. These include puddling water that isn’t getting absorbed, as well as poor growth despite sufficient fertilizer and watering. Another red flag is when the soil is hard and you can’t easily push a pencil or screwdriver into it.

Even if you care for your lawn diligently, soil will get compacted due to everyday wear and tear. That’s why, at Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, we recommend lawn aeration on a regular basis. Some require it annually, while others need it every other year. Our expert team can work with you to devise a schedule that’s right for your lawn.

Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque: Why Choose Our Local Team of Experts?

Aeration is simply the process of removing soil plugs, thereby relieving compaction and enabling more nutrients, water and air to get into the ground and reach grass roots. At Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, we rely on our proprietary, leading-edge Turf Tamer® equipment in our aeration services, all to deliver the most consistent results.

Once the process is complete, your lawn can benefit in a variety of ways, including with:

  • A stronger, deeper-growing root system
  • Roots that absorb fertilizer and nutrients more efficiently
  • Better tolerance to heat and drought
  • Boosted resistance to pests, weeds, and diseases
  • Improved soil conditions and a healthier, more vibrant lawn

When it comes to lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, fall is the ideal time of year. Our team can seed your lawn, too, once aeration is complete. This ensures significantly improved grass density in the weeks and months after we service your lawn.

Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque NM is the local choice for lawn aeration throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Corrales, Placitas, Taylor Ranch, Paradise Hills, and in other nearby areas. Call (505) 884-4433 to learn more with a free consultation.