Lawn Fertilization in Albuquerque

Man wearing green shirt with lawn doctor logo showing lawn fertilization in AlbuquerqueThe color of your lawn, its thickness, tolerance, defenses, and so much more are all impacted by how well it’s nourished. When turf has what it needs in the form of critical nutrients, it can grow in strong and vibrant. When it doesn’t, weakness, susceptibility, and deficiencies ensue. When this happens, Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque can help. With our lawn fertilization services, designed for Albuquerque, NM yards, we can infuse new life into your lawn, helping it grow in greener and healthier.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services

Nothing is more important in terms of lawn care than fertilization. Not only does it help your yard look its best, with bolder color and thicker grass, but it also boosts defenses against diseases, weeds, and more. In addition, when your lawn is well-fertilized, it can stay strong during difficult conditions, such as drought, heat, and extreme cold.

But performing the job properly requires more than a bag of fertilizer from your local garden supply store. It needs the correct nutrients in the proper amounts delivered at the right time of year. It’s a tricky formula that can be tough to get right without extensive experience. That’s why so many homeowners throughout the area turn to Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque for help with fertilization.

With our proven team, you’ll get a variety of key advantages, including:

  • Knowledgeable technicians who understand the science behind effective fertilization.
  • A customized fertilization plan and schedule based on the unique features of your lawn, such as type and grass species, as well as our local growing and weather conditions.
  • Enriched products that we specially blend to meet the unique nutritional needs we uncover in your lawn.
  • Products delivered in slow-release formulas, for steady nourishment over an extended period.
  • Turf Tamer® application equipment for consistent coverage in the correct amounts delivered throughout your lawn.

Ongoing Lawn Fertilization Programs

We’re your source for a variety of lawn care services, including ongoing fertilization and weed control plans. In fact, with our Lawn Maintainer program, we offer annual fertilization services along with effective weed control treatments designed to suppress broadleaf and grassy weeds. It also provides pre-emergent treatments to thoroughly control germinating weed seeds underground and stop them from sprouting up. With ongoing care from Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, you can ensure your lawn gets the fertilization and weed control it needs while you get more time and energy to enjoy it all.

Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque is relied upon throughout many local areas – such as Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Corrales, Placitas, Taylor Ranch, and Paradise Hills – for lawn fertilization. To learn more about our services or get started, call our team today at (505) 884-4433.