How Our Lawn Care Services in Albuquerque Fix 4 Common Problems

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in AlbuquerqueAre problems in your lawn adding up? Are you tired of trying to troubleshoot and treat issues, only to achieve weak results? Do you want to spend less time on yard care and more time enjoying life? Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque has the answers you need. We’re the lawn care service of choice across the Albuquerque, NM area for a reason: we offer simple yet effective fixes that make life easier for our many happy customers. Some of the classic problems we see and solve in local lawns include:

Problem #1: Thinning, weak lawn. When turf gets too thin, it puts your lawn at risk for issues ranging from weeds to diseases. But with Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque’s power seeding services, we can restore the density of your turf, enabling grass to grow in stronger, achieve better defenses and look more beautiful.

Problem #2: Stubborn, spreading weeds. When it comes to controlling weeds before they emerge, spring offers an ideal time of the year. With Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque’s pre-emergent weed control services, we can target species underground as they’re germinating. As a result, they won’t be able to develop and spread. We can also tackle those weeds growing aboveground with our grassy and broadleaf weed control treatments.

Problem #3: Poor color and stunted growth. These are good indicators you have a nutrient deficiency on your hands. However, other factors could be playing a part, too, including compacted soil or a pH imbalance. The good news is that when you partner with Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque for lawn care services, we can quickly assess and diagnose the cause, then devise an effective treatment plan of action.

Problem #4: Improper lawn care practices. From poor mowing to too much watering, these mistakes put your lawn at risk. That’s why at Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque, we go beyond simply delivering lawn care services to acting as an advisor to ensure proper maintenance practices. We’ll walk you through the best way to cut, mow, and handle other critical tasks, so you can keep your lawn on track.

Albuquerque’s Lawn Care Service Experts: Keeping Your Yard Healthy & Strong

Ready to say good-bye to problems and pitfalls in your yard? Call in the lawn care service team at Lawn Doctor of Albuquerque. One of our experienced technicians will carefully evaluate your property, diagnose existing and developing issues, and provide a custom-designed treatment plan. With us, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time working in it.

Our lawn care services are available in many Albuquerque, NM communities, including Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Corrales, Placitas, Taylor Ranch, and Paradise Hills. Get started today by calling (505) 884-4433 for a free consultation.