Lawn Seeding in Orange County NY

Is your lawn struggling? Is it dying off in areas, despite adequate watering and nutrition? Are weeds taking over? Lawn seeding may be the answer. As grass ages, it weakens, wears out, and thins. But with lawn seeding from the experts at Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we can infuse your lawn with new seed, transforming a patchy, spotty lawn into a vibrant, thick one.

A Thicker, Healthier Lawn Starts with Lawn Seeding

employee performing lawn seeding in Orange County NYAt Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, our power seeding services are effective when you are saving an existing lawn. The heart of our approach lies in our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment. With it, we actually cultivate the soil first, providing better seed-to-soil contact. This means there’s a higher rate of germination  and your lawn can produce the thickest turf possible. Not only that, but as your lawn regains its health and strength, it will better be able to resist weeds and insects.

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, our proprietary, made-in-America Turf Tamer® equipment relies on leading edge technology to create ideal seeding conditions for your lawn. In fact, with it, we can ensure:

  • Proper planting depth and vital seed-to-soil contact needed for high seed germination
  • The exact right amount of seed needed is planted, providing for thick, healthy, even growth
  • Soil is properly prepared for new seed without damaging the existing turf

Performing lawn seeding is trickier then it seems. Part of the process includes timing it right. If it is not timed right, new seeds can be exposed to extreme weather conditions – and won’t be able to properly germinate as a result. That’s why, at Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we recommend fall as the best time for seeding. It provides the perfect blend of rainfall, warm days, and cool nights to allow for seeds to get established and grow. It also means new grass won’t have to compete as much with weeds.

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we have the specialized equipment, knowledge of area growing and climate conditions, and proven approach for proper seeding. We can help you select the ideal mix of grass seed that will perform best in your lawn. We can also evaluate your soil so other problems, like soil compaction, don’t come into play. When you want a professional-looking lawn, leave the seeding to the experts at Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY.

Whether you live in Monroe, Washingtonville, Middletown, Newburgh, Montgomery, or Warwick, getting started with our lawn seeding services is easy. Simply call Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY today at 845.496.0582 and ask to schedule your free evaluation.

Lawn Doctor lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.