Lawn Aeration in Orange County, NY

lawn aeration work by lawn technicianImagine trying to run through a pile of bricks. You wouldn’t get very far. Yet, when your lawn is compacted, grass roots are essentially trying to grow and thrive through brick-hard soil. As a result, air, nutrients, and water can’t penetrate well or flow properly to reach grass roots. This results in weak growth and a worn-out lawn. But with core aeration from Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we can cut down on compacted soil, as well as heavy surface thatch, and help your lawn flourish again.

How Aeration Works – and Helps Your Lawn

When you want to open up your lawn again, there are two approaches to take. The first, spike aeration, is performed with a roller that has spikes on it, poking small holes into your lawn. The second, core aeration, uses specialized machinery to punch out small plugs of soil and thatch throughout your lawn. Not only is this approach to aeration longer lasting and more effective, but it’s the only one Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY relies on. With it, your lawn will benefit from:

  • Stronger, more vigorous roots
  • The ability to better withstand heat and drought
  • More efficient absorption of water and nutrients
  • Thicker growth and greener color in the weeks and months following aeration

Common Signs of Soil Compaction

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we know there are some soil types – such as clay soils – that tend to get compacted easily and need aeration more regularly. In addition, if you park vehicles on your lawn or have a lot of foot traffic in your yard, these both can result in compaction. Also, look for signs such as weak growth, standing puddles of water that don’t get absorbed, and thinning patches or bald spots. To test for soil compaction, simply take a screwdriver and dig it into the soil. If your soil is compacted, you’ll have a hard time driving it in.

Timing for Aeration Depends on Grass Types

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we know proper aeration requires the right timing. For warm season grass, that means end of spring. Cool season grass, however, is best aerated in the fall or early spring. This is just prior to the active growth phase of each grass type. As a result, cored out holes in your lawn will fill in quickly with new growth, leaving little time for weeds to take root.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY

Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY has the proper tools and equipment, along with the in-depth expertise and experience, to get the aeration job done right. Go enjoy your family or hobbies – and leave the lawn aeration to us. We can even combine our aeration services with overseeding to produce the most beautiful results.

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County NY, we offer aeration services to homeowners in Orange County, as well as Monroe, Washingtonville, Newburgh, Montgomery, Warwick, and Middletown. Call us today at 845.496.0582 to schedule your free consultation.