Mosquito Control

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlMosquitoes can do more than ruin your summer barbecue. They can also spread dangerous diseases to people and pets. That’s why, if you’ve got a mosquito problem in your backyard, it’s important to get it under control. At Lawn Doctor of Orange County, we can help. As the Orange County area’s mosquito control specialists, we have the trained technicians and proven products and equipment to identify breeding sites and suppress mosquito populations – all so you can enjoy your yard again.

How Our Yard Armour® Services Workmosquito control infographic talking about where mosquitoes hide on your lawn

Lawn Doctor of Orange County’s Yard Armour mosquito control services provide the protection your yard needs to reduce existing mosquito populations and control future generations. Before we begin, we will walk you through each step of our process so you understand what will work best for your yard and why. Through Yard Armour, we can help with the following areas:

  • Preventing mosquitoes. We’ll show you where mosquitoes are breeding and what you can do to prevent them from attacking your property again.
  • Controlling mosquitoes. Our mosquito treatments will protect your yard through targeted applications that are timed to coincide with the life cycle of a mosquito. These not only control and suppress adult populations, but they control their eggs and larvae as well.
  • Providing regular maintenance. Beyond giving you the information you need to reduce populations, we will also deliver routine maintenance applications to help you keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Specialty Mosquito Control for Orange County NY

Beyond our comprehensive Yard Armour program, we can also provide one-time applications so your special event isn’t ruined by unwanted guests. It’s ideal for weddings, barbecues, parties, and other gatherings – so the mosquitoes are away on your big day.

If you’re interested in a greener approach, we can help there, too. We offer 100% natural mosquito control services to Monroe area customers that are both effective and eco-friendly.

We Stand Behind Our Services

At Lawn Doctor of Orange County, we’re proud to offer mosquito control services to the Monroe area community. And we stand behind our services with a full satisfaction guarantee. That means if you’re not happy with our results, let us know. Simply give us a call and we will either re-apply or refund the previous treatment.

Ready to get your mosquito problem under control? Call Lawn Doctor of Orange County today at 845.496.0582. We provide mosquito control services to customers in Monroe, Middletown, Washingtonville, Newburgh, Montgomery, and Warwick.