Lawn Weed Control in Westfield: Stop Invaders with a Treatment Plan

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in WestfieldThe birds are singing, temperatures are rising, and weeds are taking over. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. For many homeowners around the Westfield, NJ area, lawn weed control is a challenge throughout every outdoor season. The good news is that if you have the right plan in place, you can create healthier growing conditions, ones that enable your lawn to naturally fight off weeds. Here’s a look at what your approach should entail:

  • Looking for problem spots. Noticing puddling water? What about discoloration or bare spots in your yard? These not only impact appearance, but overall health too. With weeds being the opportunistic plants they are, they’ll take advantage of these weaknesses, sprouting up and spreading quickly. To improve conditions, test your soil for issues such as a pH imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, and compaction. In addition, seed those spots that are bare or thinning.
  • Maintaining your lawn properly. You might not need to water a lot during spring in the Westfield area, but once summer hits, it’s often a must. Make sure you approach the job correctly, watering deeply not daily to about four to six inches.. This will offer optimal hydration, while promoting deep root growth. Also, when you mow, leave behind around a third of the grass height. Longer blades ensure energy doesn’t get depleted and also block sunlight and water from reaching emerging weed seedlings.
  • Identifying and treating weeds at the right time. Knowing the kinds of weeds you have is vital if you want to get the most out of treatments. If grassy species, like crabgrass, are a problem, keep them in check with a pre-emergent lawn weed control product applied in the Westfield area’s early spring season, prior to germination. For weeds that have already sprouted through, a post-emergent product works best when applied early in the active growth cycle, but before seeds drop.

The Westfield Area’s Lawn Weed Control Team: Leave the Job to Us!

Don’t let turf care troubles take over your nights and weekends. Instead, leave the work to the Westfield area’s lawn weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Union County. We can deliver a customized treatment plan for producing a yard that’s more naturally competitive against weeds and other problems, as well as educate you on best practices for maintaining our results. It’s a partnership approach that will lead to a lawn that looks better and grows stronger throughout each season.

To find out more about our lawn weed control services, available throughout Westfield, Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark, Cranford, and other nearby NJ areas, call Lawn Doctor of Union County at (732) 246-1101 to set up a free consultation.