Lawn Treatment in Westfield Keeps Your Lawn Picture Perfect

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn treatment in WestfieldLawn care can be complicated. In order to maximize your yard’s potential, you have to know which products to use, in what amounts, and when to deliver them. It’s a lot to understand, which is why so many homeowners across communities including Westfield, Union County, and Scotch Plains, NJ turn to our team for help with lawn treatments.

At Lawn Doctor of Union County, we start the process by diagnosing issues in your yard. This enables us to meet its unique needs through treatments fine-tuned to it. During this process, we’ll walk your property, categorize grass species, determine soil type, and identify problems, such as deficiencies, diseases, and weeds. We’ll also talk to you about how you use your yard, so we can ensure the care and treatments we deliver will get it in the best shape possible.

Once our onsite inspection is complete, Lawn Doctor of Union County will provide:

A comprehensive treatment plan. We develop a plan for each and every yard we treat, insuring your grass gets precisely what it needs to thrive.

A flexible schedule. At Lawn Doctor of Union County, we’re experts in the Westfield area’s weather conditions and growing season, and will factor these into the treatment schedule we set for you. We can also adjust our timing should you have special requests or if new issues arise.

Custom-blended products and cutting-edge equipment. We’ll give you access to lawn treatment products and equipment you can’t find through nearby retail outlets in the Westfield area. These include nutrient-rich, custom-mixed fertilizers, as well as our proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment.

Lawn Maintainer Treatments: For Beautiful Results in the Westfield Area

Lawn Doctor of Union County is known across the Westfield area for our comprehensive selection of treatments. However, to get your yard into the best shape and keep it that way, we recommend ongoing care through our Lawn Maintainer program. It combines fertilization with weed control into a series of six applications. It’s an easy and affordable way to provide your lawn with key essentials throughout the growing season. At any time, you can add on other treatments as your yard’s needs change during the year.

Call Lawn Doctor of Union County today at (732) 246-1101 for a free consultation. Our lawn treatments are available in many local areas, including Westfield, Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark, and Cranford, NJ.