Yard Armour® Mosquito Control in Rochester

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlIf mosquitoes are sucking the fun out of your summer evenings, it’s time to call the mosquito control experts at Lawn Doctor of Rochester. Our Yard Armour mosquito treatment program offers triple-system protection against these annoying, stubborn pests. Meanwhile, our specialty mosquito control services help repel and reduce mosquitoes for customers with specific needs or preferences.

Rochester’s Mosquito Control Experts

mosquito control can stop this human from biting As the exclusive provider of Yard Armour mosquito control in the Rochester area, Lawn Doctor of Rochester has become our area’s expert source for high-quality mosquito treatments. With Yard Armour, Rochester homeowners receive three levels of protection against mosquitoes, offering protection against mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus.

With Yard Armour mosquito control, Rochester homeowners benefit from:

  • Mosquito Prevention. Our experts perform barrier treatment applications that keep mosquitoes away from your property.
  • Mosquito Control. We target the areas where mosquitoes live and breed, immediately reducing existing mosquito populations.
  • Ongoing Mosquito Maintenance. Our Integrated Pest Management program includes regular preventative treatments that keep mosquitoes away month after month.

Specialty Mosquito Control for Rochester

With our specialty mosquito control services, Lawn Doctor of Rochester makes it possible for homeowners with unique preferences or needs to treat and prevent mosquito infestations. Our specialist mosquito control programs include:

  • Large Event Treatments. We’ll keep mosquitoes off the guest list at your next backyard get-together, whether that’s a birthday party, wedding, or neighborhood cookout.
  • Natural Mosquito Management. We offer chemical-free mosquito prevention for homeowners who prefer a more organic approach, using natural repellants and eco-friendly strategies.

The Lawn Doctor of Rochester Guarantee

All mosquito control programs from Lawn Doctor of Rochester come with our service guarantee* – part of our commitment to reliable, trustworthy service. Unsatisfied with the results of your most recent treatment? Just let us know. We’ll make it right by refunding or correcting the treatment in question.

Contact Us Today for a Mosquito Control Estimate

Lawn Doctor of Rochester happily provides mosquito control estimates to any homeowner in the Rochester, Greece, Fairport, Hilton, Chili, Pittsford, Webster, and Monroe County areas.

Take your first step toward a mosquito-free yard by calling us today at 585-338-1520.

*Lawn Doctor service guarantee is extended to our full program customers.