Lawn Aeration in Rochester

When your Rochester-area lawn’s growth is stunted and brown spots appear, there could be several causes. One common cause for a sharp decline in overall lawn health is compacted soil. Your lawn’s growth relies upon the consistent cycling of nutrients, oxygen and water throughout the soil. When your soil is compacted, it constricts the flow of these crucial elements and ultimately ends up starving and suffocating your lawn. With lawn aeration services offered by our team of experts at Lawn Doctor of Rochester, we help open up lawns so they can breathe again all over the Rochester, Hilton, Chili, Greece, Penfield, Fairport, Webster, Pittsford and Monroe County, NY areas for improved circulation and a healthy boost.

Determining When You Need Lawn Aeration

There is a long list of benefits that come along with lawn aeration, but how do you know when your lawn needs to be aerated? The best way to determine if your lawn will benefit from aeration is by scheduling a lawn evaluation with our technicians, but there are some simple signs that can provide a clue as to whether or not your lawn needs aerating. Here they are:

  • Vehicles parked on grass
  • Overuse from entertaining, outdoor sports or machine usage
  • Damage from pets or kids
  • Clay soil
  • Puddles forming on grass surface during light rainfall
  • Excessive thatch presence

If your lawn can be characterized by any of the factors above, your lawn will most likely benefit from our lawn aeration service. When we implement our aeration service, we’ll do so on a schedule that lends itself best to optimum growth. There are certain times throughout the seasons during which aeration is the most effective. We’ll determine an optimized aeration schedule based on your lawn’s composition for accelerated results and lasting health.

How Lawn Aeration Helps Rochester-Area Lawns

When we aerate your lawn, we remove sections of earth to free up room in your soil and allow better circulation. This gives your plants’ roots more direct and constant access to what it needs to grow, while also allowing its roots to expand and develop a more solid, resilient foundation.

Call Lawn Doctor of Rochester today at (585) 338-1520 to learn more about our aeration service and to schedule your free assessment. We proudly provide lawn aeration services to homeowners and business in Rochester, Hilton, Chili, Greece, Penfield, Fairport, Webster, Pittsford, Monroe County and the surrounding communities.