Lawn Weed Control in Rochester, NY

Keeping your lawn weed-free requires healthy grass and high-quality weed control services – and no one knows lawn weed control in the Rochester area better than the team at Lawn Doctor of Rochester. We offer Rochester homeowners everything they need for lawn weed control, including treatment options for existing weed problems and pre-emergent weed control treatments to protect against future infestations.

Rochester’s Lawn Weed Control SpeciClose up of blades of lawn weed control grassalists

At Lawn Doctor of Rochester, our team is prepared to take on even the toughest, most stubborn weeds faced by Rochester homeowners. Our lawn weed control specialists are experts in the weeds native to the Rochester area and know the precise treatments required to eliminate different species of weeds from your lawn. While DIY weed control can lead to turf damage or leave your lawn at high-risk for new weed growth, our services are designed to minimize turf impact and weed recurrence rates.
The lawn weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Rochester are equipped to take on:

  • Broadleaf weeds, like dandelion, clover, bull thistle, and wild violet.
  • Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass and yellow foxtail.
  • Annual weeds, which can sprout 4-5 times in a single year.
  • Perennial weeds, which come back year after year until treated.
  • Warm-season weeds, which flourish in June, July, and August.
  • Cool-season weeds, which flourish in spring and fall months.

Pre-Emergent & Year Round Weed Control

Our lawn weed control experts are always at the ready when Rochester homeowners need weeds treated. We also offer year-round protection and treatment options through our Lawn Maintainer suite of annual lawn care services. Lawn Maintainer offers our highest grade of lawn weed control for Rochester homeowners. This year-round program includes options for pre-emergent weed control, which shields your lawn against a wide range of broadleaf weed species. It also includes our standard weed control services, meaning you’re covered for any other weed issues as they arise.

Other Ways to Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free

The best protection against weeds is healthy turf. Thick grass with strong, healthy roots is often enough to crowd weeds out of your lawn. With no place to grow, weeds present less of threat. In addition to our lawn weed control services, Lawn Doctor of Rochester can help shield your property against weeds through our fertilization, soil adjustment, and lawn aerations services, which promote thick, healthy grass.

Protect Your Lawn Against Weeds Today

Our services are available throughout the Rochester area, including Webster, Pittsford, Fairport, and Monroe County.

For superior lawn weed control, call Lawn Doctor of Rochester at 585-338-1520 today.