Lawn Care Services in Portage: Fertilization 101

Your lawn requires nutrients from the soil to grow. However, the reserves in the soil usually aren’t enough to properly support grass development. As a result, it can suffer deficiencies that impact its health, color and natural defenses. That’s where our lawn care services, available all over the Portage and Kalamazoo, MI areas, can help….

Lawn Aeration in Kalamazoo: What is it and When do you Need it?

If you’re like many homeowners throughout the Kalamazoo and Portage, MI areas, you’ve heard of lawn aeration. But do you know what it actually entails or why it’s important? With core aeration – which is the method Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage always suggests – the process is simple. Plugs of soil and thatch are mechanically removed from your lawn. The holes…

Individualized Lawn Care Services in Kalamazoo

Your lawn has several unique characteristics: pest presence, weed growth patterns, soil profile, nutrient density – these are all determinants in your lawn’s health that may vary widely from your neighbor’s lawn. If your lawn has all these unique qualities, why treat it like every other lawn in town? Taking a cookie cutter approach to…

Lawn Weed Control in Kalamazoo Area

The sight of unruly weeds taking over your property can be unsettling, which is why you need the experienced Portage, MI, weed control services available at Lawn Doctor. We’re experts when it concerns the removal of unwanted, unsightly growth. We apply modern, natural lawn care techniques designed to keep your property looking its very best….