Lawn Aeration in the Kalamazoo Area

Playing, walking, heavy rain, mowing. These all cause soil compaction. When it happens, roots become compressed and begin to suffocate. Likewise, nutrients and water can’t penetrate the soil and reach roots. It’s a recipe for weak growth and a worn-out looking lawn. The good news is that with Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage’s aeration services, you can restore your lawn’s health and vitality so you can get back to enjoying it.

Why Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Over time and often from heavy yard use, soil gets compacted and thatch builds up on the surface of your lawn. As a result, nutrients, sunlight, air, and water can’t properly flow into soil and the root zone. This leads to all sorts of problems in your lawn, making it more susceptible to weeds, insects, and disease.

extremely green grass after lawn aerationBut with core aeration from Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage, we can cut through thatch build-up and minimize compaction, opening up your lawn in the process. Using specialized aeration equipment, our technicians will core out small plugs of soil and grass throughout your lawn, resulting in:

  • Better air exchange
  • Increased water and fertilizer absorption
  • A stronger root system
  • Less compaction and stress on roots
  • Higher tolerance for heat and drought

Common Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration

What can you look for that indicates your lawn is suffering from soil compaction and thatch overgrowth? Some signs include weak growth or standing water that doesn’t get absorbed. Also, if you have clay soil, it’s more prone to compaction, as are lawns that regularly have vehicles parked on them. To verify compaction, try the screwdriver test. Simply take a screwdriver and try to dig it into the ground. If it’s a struggle, your lawn needs to be aerated.

How to Time Aeration for Optimal Results

At Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage, we know that if you want the best results from aeration, you have to time it right. That means aerating right before the active growth cycle of your grass type. This way, cored out holes will quickly fill in as grass grows. For warm season grasses that actively grow in summer, late spring is the ideal time for aeration. For cool season grasses, fall and early spring are best.

Aeration Services from Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage

Want a pristine lawn without having to battle with an unwieldy aeration machine? At Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage, we make aeration easy. We have the experienced technicians and the exclusive, made-in-America equipment to properly aerate your lawn for the best results – guaranteed. In fact, you’ll see a more beautiful, thicker lawn in the weeks and months that follow.

To get started with our lawn aeration services, call Lawn Doctor of Kalamazoo-Portage today at 269.321.1731.