Lawn Aeration in Oxford

Your lawn needs to breathe. But due to foot and vehicle traffic, clay soil, heavy snow, rainfall, and other factors, soil gets compacted and thatch starts to build and spread over the surface. Grass roots then get squeezed and can’t absorb what they need to survive. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford can help. Our lawn aeration services, available throughout the Oxford area, are designed to get your yard breathing easy again so it can grow in healthier and stronger.

Aerating Your Lawn: What are the Benefits?

When you want your lawn to reach its full potential, you need to aerate it. This is a process that should happen regularly, with frequency depending on your soil’s unique composition and condition. By loosening soil and reducing compaction, more fertilizer, water, and air can make their way into the root zone. Thanks to this improved environment, your grass can grow healthier and stronger.

Some of the other benefits from our aeration services include:

  • Better root development with roots growing deeper
  • More resilience against environmental stress, such as heat and drought
  • Improved air exchange in the soil
  • Less surface thatch and fewer issues with weeds and pests

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process Works

You can take on the task of aerating yourself. However, equipment can be tough to use and the process is time-consuming. If you’d like the work to be completed by a team of trained aeration professionals, connect with Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford.

Not only will we ensure your lawn is aerated at the right time for your grass type, but we will approach the job using the industry’s most effective method. With core aeration, our proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment cuts out small, evenly spaced plugs of grass, thatch, and soil. These holes provide pathways for nutrients, water, and air to flow into the root system. It also breaks up dense soil conditions so roots can breathe and grow, all while easing the spread of stifling surface thatch.

In addition to our lawn aeration services, you can also take advantage of other solutions to further enhance your yard, including power seeding and fertilization. These will help to increase the thickness of your turf while providing the vital nutrients growing grass needs to thrive.

At Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford, we’re proud to offer lawn aeration services to customers all over Oxford, CT and the surrounding communities. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation today, simply call our team at (203) 881-9998.