Mosquito Control Services for Oxford

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in OxfordLawn Doctor of Greater Oxford is one of the leaders in local mosquito control. So if you’re tired of annoying and aggressive mosquitoes – and the potential threat from the illnesses they can carry – call in our team of experts. We offer our Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program that can put a shield of protection around your property, effectively controlling and suppressing these unwanted pests. We also offer other proven solutions, such as special event sprays and natural control, to meet a wide variety of needs. Simply call us to learn more about the mosquito control options right for you.

Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford for Yard Armour Mosquito Control

During the warmer weather, you want to enjoy your property, not constantly fight against mosquitoes in it or worry about them biting your kids and pets. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford and its Yard Armour Mosquito Control program comes in. It’s a multi-service approach to treating mosquitoes in and around your property, so you can step outside with confidence every time. It includes:

  • Prevention help. With Yard Armour Mosquito Control, our trained technicians in Oxford will evaluate the scope of your problem and discuss which options will work best in your lawn. We’ll also identify areas where mosquitoes are breeding and living, such as standing water and wood piles, all so you can eliminate them.
  • Control services. Our treatments can begin once temperatures rise above 55 degrees for three days in a row. Our approach targets mosquitoes at all stages of the life cycle, including adults, eggs, and larvae. At the same time, it creates a barrier around your property that prevents new insects from entering and populating.
  • Maintenance applications. Beyond initial treatments, our pest control services at Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford will continue throughout the biting season, which typically ends in October. That way, you and your family can enjoy season-long protection, guaranteed.

Other Mosquito Control Options in Available in Oxford

If you’d prefer an eco-friendly approach to pest control, Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford offers a natural version of our Yard Armour program. It relies on natural / organic materials to control and suppress mosquitoes on and around your property. If you’re hosting a big event, such as a wedding, cookout, reunion, or birthday party, we can help there, as well. Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford can deliver a powerful one-time special event spray to protect your guests and your party. You can then simply enjoy your important day without worry.

Lawn Doctor of Greater Oxford CT and their mosquito control services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ready to learn more, call 203.881.9998 today for your free consultation.