Lawn Aeration by Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore

Is your lawn not as green, thick, and vibrant as it should be? If so, your yard may be suffering from compacted soil or built up thatch. Breathe new life into your lawn with lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore. As the Northshore area’s leading lawn care service provider, Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore offers the professional core aeration services that Massachusetts homeowners need to achieve the strongest and longest-lasting results for their grass and turf.

Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham’s Lawn Aeration Experts

When you partner with Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore for your lawn aeration services, you’re teaming up with the Melrose area’s top lawn care experts. We’re committed to getting the most out of your lawn with every treatment, which is why we provide core aeration – the most reliable, effective, and long-lasting method of lawn aeration. Unlike spike aeration, core aeration uses precisely calibrated equipment to ensure even aeration with deep, lasting impact.

Does My Lawn Need Aeration?

Many of the symptoms that indicate your lawn may need aeration – such as yellowing grass or thinning turf – can be caused by other issues. One way to check if your lawn may be suffering from soil compaction or thatch is the screwdriver test. Simply see how easy it is to insert a screwdriver into your lawn’s soil. If this requires effort, your lawn likely needs aeration. For a more exact diagnosis, turn to the lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore. Our experts provide free, no-obligation lawn evaluations, helping you determine whether struggling grass is due to soil compaction, thatch build-up, or another issue, such as lack of proper nutrients.

Seeding Your Lawn? Lawn Aeration Can Help

If you’re power seeding your lawn, lawn aeration can help ensure your lawn’s new grass grows properly. Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore will work with you to coordinate your lawn’s seeding and aeration services, and can help ensure even, vibrant growth with our Turf Tamer® lawn seeding equipment.

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Our lawn aeration services are available throughout the Northshore MA area, including Melrose and Salem.

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