Lawn Aeration in the Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham Areas

Andrew in the field providing soil enrichment and lawn aeration. Try our seeding and soil enrichment to maximize the health of your lawn this summer.

Achieving a healthy lawn takes more than just mowing and watering. All lawns needs to be aerated at some time or another. That’s because, over time, soil becomes compressed and compacted, suffocating grass roots. Thatch also builds up on the surface, which means water and nutrients can’t penetrate properly. But with aeration from the Melrose area’s experts at Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore, we can reduce compaction and thatch, bringing out the best in your lawn in the process.

How Does Lawn Aeration Work?

Your yard gets a lot of use, from kids and pets playing to backyard parties. Over time, this leads to compacted soil that needs to be opened up. That’s where aeration comes in. At Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore, we use a method called core aeration where we core out or remove small chunks of soil and thatch from your yard. This gets the air flowing again, helping nutrients and water better reach grass roots. As a result, roots can grow deeper and stronger, producing a thicker, more luscious lawn in the weeks and months after aeration.

Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?

The easiest way for Melrose area homeowners to tell if their lawns need aeration is by performing the screwdriver test. Take a screwdriver and wedge it into the ground. If you don’t encounter any resistance, then your soil is likely fine. If, however, you have a hard time getting it in, it’s probably due to soil compaction. Some other signs to look for include thinning grass and standing puddles of water. If you have clay soil or a lot of foot traffic, your yard is also more prone to compaction.

When is the Best Time to Aerate?

Timing aeration right is important if you want to experience the best-looking results for your lawn – and it all depends on your grass type. Aeration should be done just before your grass type’s peak growing season so new growth can fill in the holes left behind by aeration. For cool season grass, that’s fall and early spring. For warm season grass, that’s late spring.

Professional Lawn Aeration in the Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham Areas

Don’t have the time or expertise to perform aeration yourself? Let the Melrose area’s lawn aeration professionals handle the process for you. At Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore, we can evaluate your lawn, identify its grass type, and customize an aeration schedule just right for your yard. It’s an approach that delivers the greenest, healthiest results.

To schedule your free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore today at 978.592.2237. We’re proud to provide lawn aeration services to homeowners in Melrose, Peabody, Woburn, Wakefield, Marblehead, Danvers, Northborough, Stoneham, Sudbury, Swampscott, Arlington, Waltham, Worcester, Billerica, Lexington, Leominster and the surrounding areas.

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