Lawn Seeding & Aeration in Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham

When homeowners in the North Shore area need to breathe new life into their lawn, they turn to Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore for our lawn seeding and aeration services. We provide these services to homeowners throughout the North Shore area, including residents of Lynnfield, Middleton, Danvers, Salem, Medford, Wakefield, Swampscott, Woburn, Marblehead, Saugus, Stoneham, Arlington, Peabody, Winchester, Lynn, Waltham, Worcester, Billerica, Lexington, and Leominster.

Turf Tamer® Lawn Seeding for Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham

By providing homeowners with professional lawn seeding, we help Melrose-area residents avoid the pitfalls of DIY seeding, where errors can be costly and often mean waiting until the next year to correct. Our Turf Tamer® lawn seeding equipment takes the guesswork out of seeding your lawn, using ground-metered technology to ensure even distribution and excellent seed-to-soil contact. Turf Tamer® also protects your lawn, preventing the damage to existing turf that DIY equipment often leaves behind.

Melrose, Peabody, and Waltham’s Professional Core Aeration Experts

A struggling lawn is often caused by soil compaction or thatch buildup. Soil compaction is caused by soil becoming compressed due to time and heavy use. Thatch, on the other hand, is caused turf overgrowth. Grass in compacted or heavy-thatch areas is unable to get the air and nutrients it needs to thrive and survive. The solution is lawn aeration, which loosens soil/thatch and allows air to reach turf’s roots.

There are two main kinds of lawn aeration:

  • Spike aeration uses a spiked roller or similar equipment to punch holes in your lawn’s surface. This is the most popular DIY method, but often produces shorter-lasting and less even results.
  • Core aeration requires special machinery/equipment, but produces better, longer-lasting results. It works by coring your lawn’s soil at measured intervals.

Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore offers professional core aeration to North Shore residents, ensuring top results. Our aeration services can also be combined with our lawn seeding services, which helps maximize the results from both in many cases.

The Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore Guarantee

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