Lawn Seeding in the Rockland County Area

The secret to a thick, healthy, deeply green lawn isn’t just watering and fertilizing. It also involves seeding. That’s because, as lawns age, the grass breaks down and begins to die off. But with proper lawn seeding, you can infuse your lawn with new, fresh seed – bringing it back to life in the process. Let the Rockland County area’s lawn seeding experts at Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River help.

A Lush, Healthy Lawn Starts with Lawn Seeding

When you choose Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River for seedimale lawn doctor employee providing lawn seeding in Rockland County ng, you get an important advantage with our Turf Tamer equipment. This equipment uses leading edge technology to produce the best results. In fact, it can provide:

  • More even seed application. Because Turf Tamer is designed with ground-metered technology, it can apply the most consistent amount of grass seed into your lawn, so there’s no clumpy or uneven growth.
  • Higher germination rates. With Turf Tamer, the seed doesn’t sit on top of the soil, but gets planted into it. This provides better seed-to-soil contact and higher rates of germination.
  • A non-damaging solution. Turf Tamer uses reciprocating action so existing turf isn’t damaged during the seeding process.

For homeowners in the Rockland County area, we recommend seeding your lawn in autumn. During this time, weeds aren’t actively growing, so your new seeds and seedlings won’t need to compete for water and nutrients. Also, the season offers the perfect combination of higher rainfall rates, warmer days, and cooler nights to promote seed germination.

Don’t have the time or expertise to properly seed your lawn? Leave it to the Rockland County area’s experts in seeding: Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River. Our experienced lawn care technicians can help you achieve a healthier, better-looking lawn – while you relax and enjoy your day. In addition to power seeding, we provide a variety of other services, from aeration to pH balancing, that can help you overcome your biggest lawn care challenges.

Whether you live in Rockland County, New City, Bergen County, Washington Township, Pearl River, or Saddle River, NY, it’s easy to get started with our lawn seeding services. Simply call Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River today at 845.638.4999 and ask to schedule your free evaluation.

Lawn Doctor lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.