Hydra Guard in Rockland County

Very brown yard on a sloped surface before using the Hydra Guard program

We are excited to report that our newest program, Hydra-Guard, has made a major impact on many of our customer’s lawns. The “before” photos show a lawn that we service in Wesley Hills, NY that was under extreme heat stress on 8/10. The “after” photo was taken 20 days after Hydra-Guard was applied. Not too bad for a lawn on a severe slope with full sun exposure and minimal irrigation during a heat wave. Although this 2 service program is designed to keep your lawn green and healthy while neighboring lawns are browning it is also an important ally to re-green an already stressed lawn. Hydra-Guard will also cut lawn watering by up to 50%.

Contact us at (845) 638-4999 to have us apply the Hydra-Guard program to get great results for your lawn!


Customer Testimonial:

Hi John,

Beautiful green yard after using the Hydra Guard program.

  I wanted to wait a few weeks regarding the hydra guard before contacting you to give it some time.  My lawn looks great again.  I am not sure what the product does, but it worked and the lawn is coming back nicely.  

Thanks again,

Andrea R.

Wesley Hills, NY