Lawn Weed Control in the Rockland County Area

In a perfect world, your lawn would look like a championship golf course. In reality, though, it’s a little neglected with weeds spreading and taking over. If this sounds familiar, let the Rockland County, NY lawn weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River help. We have the trained technicians, proven approach and exclusive, leading-edge technology to not only control and suppress weeds – but ensure a thicker, healthier lawn in the process.

Why Weed Control is a Must for a Healthy Lawn

As lawn weed control professionals in the Rockland County area, we know how quickly weeds can take over in your lawn. Not only do they grow a lot faster than your plants and grass, but all they need is a little water and sunlight, and they’re suddenly running rampant. And when weeds spread, they can start to choke out your grass, starving it of key nutrients and other essentials.

What’s more is that getting control over weeds in your lawn can be tricky for many Rockland CountClose up of blades of lawn weed control y area homeowners. That’s because there are so many different types, with various lifespans and growing seasons. A product applied at a certain time of the year will work for one weed, but not another. Therefore, the first step in any lawn weed control plan is identification. When it comes to weeds, there are:

  • Broadleaf. These weeds have wider leaves and some can even flower. Common broadleaf weeds include dandelion, clover, chickweed and wild violet.
  • Grassy. These weeds are tough to control because not only do they look like grass – making them harder to recognize – but they like the same growing conditions, too. Stubborn crabgrass is by far the most common form of this weed type.
  • Annual. When weeds grow in multiple times throughout one year, they’re called annuals. Oftentimes, their seeds are brought into your lawn by birds or the wind.
  • Perennial. While annuals grow in over one year, perennials can keep coming back over the course of many years. They can also get more established in your lawn as a result.
  • Cool-season. When a weed is cool-season, it simply means it likes to grow in the cooler months of fall through spring.
  • Warm-season. Warm-season weeds, however, thrive under warmer conditions.

Call in the Rockland County Area’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

Sometimes, it can seem like you need a PhD in lawn care to understand weeds and how to control them. But really, you just need the professionals. As the Rockland County area’s experts in lawn weed control, we can identify the weeds giving you trouble, tailor our weed control solutions to your lawn’s needs, then treat and suppress these unwanted invaders. We even back our services with the best guarantee in the business. Not 100% satisfied with our results? Call us and we’ll make it right.

Our lawn weed control services are available to customers all over the Rockland County, NY area, including in New City, Bergen County, Washington Township, Pearl River and Saddle River, NJ. For your free consultation and service estimate, please call Lawn Doctor of Rockland-Pascack Valley-Saddle River today at 845.638.4999.