Routine Lawn Maintenance & Care by Lawn Doctor of Rockland County

Lawn Doctor expert with clipboard stoops down to check his lawn maintenance in Rockland CountyGet the most out of your lawn year-round. Routine lawn maintenance and care by Lawn Doctor of Rockland County will give you a lusher, healthier lawn, free of weeds and mosquitoes, with results that last week after week, month after month, and year after year. With our Lawn Maintainer program, we provide Rockland County and Bergen County homeowners with the fertilization, weed control, and pest control treatments needed for thicker, greener turf.

Turf Tamer® Lawn Fertilization

The first step to a beautiful lawn is proper turf nutrition. Under our Lawn Maintainer program, your yard will receive year-round fertilization services that are custom-tailored to your lawn. Our fertilization plans are tailored for everything from turf type to soil conditions to the NY/NJ climate. When combined with our Turf Tamer line of lawn maintenance equipment, this customized approach allows us to deliver truly one-of-a-kind results.

Weed Control & Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Lawn Maintainer from Lawn Doctor of Rockland County includes our full range of weed control options. Along with standard treatments for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds – such as dandelions, wild violets, and clover – we also provide pre-emergent weed control, allowing us to get to weeds before they sprout or take root in your lawn’s turf.

Integrated Pest Management

Our year-round lawn maintenance services include protection against common lawn pests through Integrated Pest Management. This program includes our Yard Armour® system, protecting against ticks and mosquitoes, which can carry dangerous diseases into your lawn. Yard Armour treatments will reduce existing mosquito and tick populations and prevent new populations from occurring.

Rockland County’s Strongest Lawn Maintenance Guarantee

As a locally owned and operated lawn maintenance company, we’re proud to serve Rockland County and Bergen County, and we strive to provide New York and New Jersey homeowners with trustworthy, dependable service. All lawn maintenance and care services offered through Lawn Doctor of Rockland County come with our service guarantee, the strongest guarantee of its kind in the Rockland County area.

Call Now for Year-Round Lawn Maintenance

Our Lawn Maintainer program for year-round lawn maintenance and care services is available throughout Rockland County and Bergen County, including communities like New City, Pearl River, Washington Township, and Saddle River. Call Lawn Doctor of Rockland County at 845-638-4999 to get started today.