Mosquito Control in Windsor

dead mosquito found after Lawn Doctor provided Mosquito Control in Windsor

Nothing ruins a summer evening more quickly than a swarm of thirsty mosquitoes. That’s something we understand all too well at Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury. Our Yard Armour® mosquito control offers a perfect solution to this problem for families in Windsor. Instead of fighting off swarms of thirsty skeeters all summer, you can turn your yard into a no-fly zone for mosquitoes!

With Yard Armour, we offer an ideal combination of features for backyard mosquito control in Windsor. Our treatments work quickly and can dramatically reduce existing mosquito populations. They also offer lasting protection, with ongoing treatment plans to maintain protection throughout spring, summer, and fall. Best of all, Yard Armour is virtually undetectable to people and pets, making it a great choice for your backyard!

Yard Armour Mosquito Control: What to Expect

As a homeowner in Windsor, it’s easy to have doubts about mosquito control services and products. If you’ve tried treatments from an unreliable company, you might be skeptical of claims from other providers. If you’ve used DIY solutions, you know they only offer limited protection at best.

We’re confident those doubts will disappear after your first Yard Armour treatment. Homeowners can expect a dramatic reduction in mosquito populations within 24 hours of their first treatment. Following this, your yard will stay protected for the next three or more weeks. Clients with ongoing plans receive regular treatments so their yard is protected throughout mosquito season.

Below is a quick overview of what makes Yard Armour treatments so effective:

  • We find the areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. We then apply a product that will neutralize mosquitoes when they return to these areas.
  • We work with homeowners to identify and remove areas of standing water, which mosquitoes use to breed. We also neutralize mosquito larvae clusters as needed.
  • We apply a perimeter treatment with each application, which stops new mosquitoes in their tracks when they try to enter your yard.

Get Started with Mosquito Control in Windsor!

Homeowners can get started with Yard Armour mosquito control by contacting our team for an estimate or an initial treatment. We pride ourselves on fast response to service requests and for going the extra mile for every client.

Yard Armour is available to homeowners in:

  • Windsor
  • Hartford
  • South Windsor
  • East Hartford
  • West Hartford
  • Manchester
  • Bloomfield
  • Farmington
  • Avon
  • Simsbury
  • West Simsbury
  • Bolton
  • Unionville
  • Coventry
  • Vernon
  • Amston
  • And throughout surrounding areas

For mosquito control in Windsor, contact Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury today!