Tick Control in Hartford

Closeup picture of a tick before Lawn Doctor provided Tick Control in Hartford

Ticks can detect humans and other animals through body heat, ground vibrations, and other indicators. These pests also have the ability to spread infections, such as Lyme disease. To secure your property, expert tick control from Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury is the right choice. We provide quick and convenient treatments that have proven to eradicate ticks and their offspring, which is why we cover our work with an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee.

If you have cats or dogs at home, your pets are at a heightened risk of tick-borne illness, due to their tendency to play outdoors and run around in tick-infested habitats. Tick bites are painless and hard to notice, especially on a fur-covered animal. Therefore, the best way to overcome this threat is to make sure these pests are not occupying your yard. With our powerful supplies and proven tactics, you can count on Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury to provide relief.

About Our Trusted Tick Control in Hartford

Our tick control includes:

Prevention. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to prevent tick issues before they get out of hand.

Control. Our professional team can make quick work of any occupying tick populations to restore peace and comfort to your yard.

Ongoing Tick Maintenance. With regular updates of our expert treatments, you can count on consistent and reliable protection from these disease-carrying pests.

Professional Tick Control Near You

Ticks can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty to your yard, but with our support, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We provide fast, convenient, and affordable tick control throughout Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor, Windsor, Bloomfield, West Hartford, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury, West Simsbury, East Hartford, Bolton, Unionville, Coventry, Vernon, Amston, and the surrounding areas.

At Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury, we make it our mission to protect local homes from ticks. For your peace of mind, we fortify our tick control treatments with our industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. This means you can always expect our best work. If any aspect of our service fails to meet your expectations, all you have to do is give us a call, and we will either issue a refund or provide another treatment, free of charge.

For tick control in Hartford, contact us today.