Lawn Aeration in Hartford

Lawn aeration is one of the essential services involved in keeping your lawn strong and healthy. When the soil under your lawn’s surface becomes compacted, it can lead to a long list of negative effects, such as increased vulnerability to lawn disease, brown spots and more. The only way to relieve this compression is by aerating your lawn. Aeration relieves compression by loosening the earth, allowing nutrients to circulate and providing more room for root systems to expand. At Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury, we provide our aeration service to homeowners and businesses spanning the entire Hartford, South Windsor, and Manchester area for increased permeability and a boost in overall lawn health.

How Lawn Aeration Works

Lawn aeration relieves the compression caused by compacted soil by puncturing the surface, allowing the soil to diffuse and naturally loosen. Aeration services can be administered with several different types of tools and implements. Spike aeration is one of the most common varieties, which uses either handheld, foot-worn or machine-driven spikes to poke holes in the top of your lawn. Spike aeration increases permeability, and it is quick and easy to perform. At Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury, we use core aeration to diffuse compacted soil. Core aeration involves the use of a heavy-duty core aerating machine to remove long, cylindrical sections of soil from your yard. Because of the wider channels and material removal, the results yielded by core aeration are faster and last longer than spike aeration.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration for Hartford Residents

Aeration is integral to maintaining a healthy lawn, and the results are usually a vast improvement in your lawn’s health. This is because of the increased permeability caused by the channels in the soil. A more porous surface will make it easier for oxygen, water and heat to permeate your lawn, creating an environment more conducive to consistent growth. Another benefit of lawn aeration is the freeing up of the physical space around your plants’ roots. Compacted soil can stifle your lawn’s roots and prevent expansion. When we loosen this soil with our aeration service, we relieve this compression surrounding your roots to allow them to develop into dense networks. Call Lawn Doctor of Hartford-Manchester & Farmington-Simsbury today at (860) 643-9956 to schedule your free lawn evaluation. We provide our trusted lawn aeration service to neighboring residents all over Hartford and the surrounding communities.