Lawn Doctor Maintainer Program

Services in our Popular Classic Lawn Care Program

Application Description
    • We apply our granular fertilizer to help promote an early spring green up and recover from winter stress. We also apply a pre-emergent crabgrass control and broad leaf weed control as needed.
Late Spring / Early Summer
    • We will continue to improve your lawn’s color with a treatment of our fertilizer. Broad leaf weeds will start becoming active at this time and we will be treating them accordingly.
    • Summer conditions may stress and weaken your lawn. We will apply our fertilizer to give the soil and turf important nutrients to help minimize any damage. We also check for crabgrass and weeds and treat accordingly.  At this time, we inspect the lawn for surface insect and disease activity and notify you if additional treatments are needed.
Preventative Grub Protection (applied with Summer service)
    • The granular control we use provides long residual protection against these subsurface insects; it will be applied at the appropriate time to protect your lawn against the threat of grubs.
Late Summer / Early Fall
    • We will continue to apply our fertilizer to start helping the lawn recover from any stress due to summer conditions. We will also treat for crabgrass and weeds accordingly.
Fall / Late Fall
    • This important Fall fertilizer strengthens the root system for winter survival and supplies important nutrients for an early spring green up. We also check for crabgrass and weeds and treat accordingly.
: Lime (applied in the fall)
    • Our pelletized lime restores the pH Balance of your soil. When soil pH is controlled with lime, nutrients are made available, allowing fertilizers to work efficiently to provide long lasting, deep green lawns.

* On these services we apply fertilizer and spot treat weeds. We take a responsible approach that will keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful and the environment safe.

Integrated Pest Management

Lawn Doctor encourages the maintenance of healthy landscapes through integrated pest management (IPM). When weeds and insects start to invade your turf areas, Lawn Doctor brings them under control using only target controls, applied only where there is a problem. We keep your lawn healthy and beautiful with an absolute minimum of pest controls for protection of the environment and non-target organisms.


Core Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn Doctor Can Help Get You the Healthy Lawn You Desire

A lush, green lawn is the result of nutrient-rich soil with few weeds. Lawn Doctor’s Turf Tamer services ensures full coverage seeding without any damage to your existing lawn. Our aeration services reduce thatch buildup and soil compaction so your lawn can breathe and grow. We combine our proven practices for aeration and overseeding so you can enjoy a healthy lawn that is beautiful to look at.

Here is what we recommend:

Core Aeration – Lawn aeration is one of the essential services involved in keeping your lawn strong and healthy. When the soil under your lawn’s surface becomes compacted, it can lead to a long list of negative effects, such as increased vulnerability to lawn disease, brown spots and more. The only way to relive this compression is by aerating your lawn. Aeration relieves compression by loosening the earth, allowing nutrients to circulate and providing more room for root systems to expand.

Overseeding – Every lawn begins with the successful germination of grass seed; but that initial germination sometimes needs a helping hand for lawns to remain full and healthy. With our lawn seeding treatments, we provide a solution to common lawn issues like fading, thinning, patching and spotting by using the highest quality seed available.

When You Should Seed – The ideal time to seed on a lawn is during autumn, when you can begin preparing the look of the lawn for the upcoming spring. The combination of days that are warm and nights that are cool along with plenty of rainfall creates ideal conditions for germination and initial development of turf. Sowing seeds in autumn also enables them to grow without having to compete with broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover as well as crabgrass.


What makes us Different and Unique?

Here’s What We Offer

State of the Art Equipment
We use Lawn Doctor’s patented ground metered equipment, which means that we only apply the right amount of material to your lawn.

Concern for Our Environment
We care about the environment and our equipment supports that. No other company can apply the controls when and where needed without changing equipment or material. We use granular fertilizers, applied in very precise measurements. When pesticides are applied, they are at the appropriate rates, per the label instructions, to achieve maximum results.

Trained Specialists
All our specialists receive year-round training and have been licensed through the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

We customize treatments to meet the needs of your lawn and weather conditions. We research all products each year to ensure we are giving our client’s the best. We will change products when needed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If at any time between treatments you have a problem, just call and we will evaluate the lawn and make recommendations, or provide treatments as needed.



We have been in business since 1995 and have proven expertise in agronomy, horticulture, customer service, and business management. We have a real concern for our ecology, which is shared by all members of our team. You will get no big-business runaround from Lawn Doctor; you call us, you get results.


When unwanted guests start to invade your turf or landscape, Lawn Doctor brings them under control with Integrated Pest Management. Using only target controls, applied only where there is a problem, we keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful with an absolute minimum of pest controls for environmentally sound care. We can also provide 100% Natural Care, should you desire it.


We are trained, tested, and licensed professionals. Every treatment is made by a state-licensed applicator.


If you would prefer not to have controls for weeds, insects, or diseases on all or part of your lawn or landscape just tell us. (This program will be required to include seeding and aerating the lawn).


Only pure granular fertilizers are used to nourish your lawn. You can be sure that every area receives the exact volume of nutrients it needs. Our exclusive, ground-metered equipment always puts down the exact rate of product needed.


Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. If any application does not achieve satisfactory results within 15 days, tell us. We will return and reapply that application at no additional cost. (Excludes Seeding)


When you spot a problem, call us. We will be right out at no charge. If the problem is covered by your service program, we will fix it fast. If your lawn or landscape needs something special, we will explain exactly what is causing the problem and how it can be corrected.


Your regular Lawn Doctor program provides the basic services needed to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. From time to time, the condition of your property may call for special care to restore or enhance the health and quality of your lawn or landscape. Lawn Doctor has the equipment and training to maximize your property’s beauty and health with Custom Care Services such as:

• Power Seeding
• Core Aeration
• Yard Armour – Mosquito & Tick Control
• Soil pH

Tree & Shrub
• Insect Treatments
• Disease Treatments
• Root Level Fertilizations
• Winter Plant Protection