Your Autumn Guide to Lawn Maintenance in Little Rock

Lawn Doctor expert providing Lawn Maintenance in Little Rock

Your lawn requires a helping hand during the autumn season. However, if you’re not sure what to do or when to do it, turn to Lawn Doctor of Little Rock. As lawn maintenance experts serving Little Rock, Sherwood, and other nearby areas in Arkansas, we know the steps you should take to get your turf on track now and in the months ahead. We also offer customized treatments that can support your grass for dense, green growth next spring.

What Lawn Maintenance Steps to Take During Fall

Over the course of the growing season, your lawn faces many stressors. It might be damaged in spots or weak overall, as a result. To help it rebound, there are certain lawn maintenance measures you should be taking, including these from the experts at Lawn Doctor of Little Rock:

  • Treating diseases. Some diseases, like Large Patch, are visible during fall when conditions are cool and wet. The first symptom is typically a large patch of circular, discolored turf. However, it can spread quickly, affecting other areas over time and eventually your whole lawn if left unchecked.
  • Testing pH in soil. If the soil pH is too acidic or alkaline, grass plants can’t absorb nutrients properly. There’s where soil testing and treating with lime or sulfur can help. A healthy pH depends on the grasses you have. Zoysia and St. Augustine lawns, for instance, should be 5.8; Bermuda grass should be 6.2; and centipede grass should be 5.5.
  • Applying weed control. By applying pre-emergent weed control during the autumn, you’ll protect your turf from weeds that sprout up in winter and also reduce populations in the next spring season. This means there’s less competition for space, nutrients and other resources.
  • Keep up with mowing and raking up leaves. Continue to mow until temperatures are regularly below 50 degrees each day. Lawn should be a little longer but not so tall it has a smothering effect on your lawn over the colder months.  This helps  protect the roots of your lawn if we have a hard freeze.  Also stay on top of leaf removal to keep air circulating and wetness at bay.

Get Help from Little Rock’s Lawn Care Experts

If you’re interested in additional lawn maintenance advice or professional treatments, turn to Lawn Doctor of Little Rock. We take a customized approach to the care we deliver, evaluating your lawn first, then tailoring a plan and treatment schedule around it. We’ll get your turf in better shape and growing strong this season and in the ones ahead.

Lawn Doctor of Little Rock is proud to provide maintenance advice, along with customized treatment plans across:

  • Little Rock
  • North Little Rock
  • Sherwood
  • Pulaski County
  • And other nearby areas

Get your yard in great shape before winter with autumn lawn maintenance from Little Rock top team. Contact us today to learn more with a free evaluation and estimate!