Flea & Tick Control

Flea & Tick Control from Lawn Doctor of Little Rock

Flea & Tick control services to keep fleas & ticks out of your yard

Fleas & Ticks pose a health threat to your family and pets. Lawn Doctor’s flea & tick control services can provide a protective barrier against these stealthy insects. Our variety of flea & tick control services will not only significantly reduce existing flea & tick problems, but provide ongoing treatments that can keep the fleas & ticks from coming back.

Some fleas & ticks carry dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but a person who gets bitten by a flea or tick usually won’t feel anything at all. So you want to protect yourself – and your pets – against fleas & ticks at all costs. That is where our flea & tick control services can help.

To find out more about how our services can help control your flea & tick problem, contact Lawn Doctor of Little Rock.tick-control

A professional from Lawn Doctor of Little Rock can come to your home and apply control treatments designed to reduce fleas & ticks around your property. Our flea & tick control services work with you through the three stages of effective flea & tick control:

  • Prevention: there isn’t a way to prevent fleas & ticks from entering your property except by having the proper treatments in place.
  • Control: If you already have a flea & tick problem, our services will help remove them through a range of products and applications.
  • Ongoing Flea & Tick Maintenance: Our technicians apply additional treatments to stop fleas & ticks from coming back again.


While nothing can totally eradicate fleas & ticks, Lawn Doctor’s Flea & Tick control Program can substantially reduce populations and minimize infestations.