Flea & Tick Control Plans

Closeup picture of a tick on a green leaf

Keep the Ticks Away for Worry-Free Play

Searching your kids or pets for ticks is not fun for anyone. Ticks are dangerous pests that carry diseases and cause serious concerns around the country. You can protect your family and pets from ticks with Lawn Doctor of Little Rock Yard Armour® Flea & Tick Control.

Yard Armour® Flea & Tick Control

When you choose our annual Flea & Tick Control, we’ll combine treatments that reduce the number of ticks with ongoing treatments that keep ticks from invading your yard. With our annual Flea & Tick Control, you can minimize the risk to your family, friends and pets as they spend time on your property.

3 Stages of Flea & Tick ControlYard Armour® – Tick control

If only a simple one time spray was enough to kill all those ticks – unfortunately, the work required to control ticks is more intensive and requires regular maintenance. Lawn Doctor of Little Rock can apply the regular treatments needed so you can enjoy your free time safely and without worry.

The Yard Amour® Flea & Tick Control Plan includes the application of products to remove ticks from popular breeding and nesting locations. The applications we use help to reduce the number of ticks in your yard. As with all Lawn Doctor programs, our Flea & Tick Control Plan comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever not happy with our work, we’ll fix it or refund the cost of your last service.

Ongoing Tick Maintenance
Lawn Doctor of Little Rock will visit your property on a regular schedule to ensure the tick population is kept under control. Our annual Flea & Tick Control Plan keeps your yard protected at all times.


If you’re concerned about ticks in your yard, call Lawn Doctor of Little Rock today for a Free Flea & Tick Control Consultation. We’ll customize a plan to your property’s needs, share strategies for making your yard less appealing to ticks, and provide information on our Natural Flea & Tick Control Program.

Call Lawn Doctor of Little Rock for more information on our annual Flea & Tick Control.