Lawn Care in Little Rock

Lawn Doctor expert provides Lawn Care in Little Rock

Getting and keeping your grass green and healthy can be a challenging task. But when you hire Lawn Doctor of Little Rock, we make it easy. We’re a top choice for lawn care across the area, offering proven solutions and stunning results. In the meantime, you don’t have to struggle with guesswork, DIY mistakes, or disappointments with your turf. You can simply get a lawn you love again, one you have more time to enjoy.

How Our Care Can Give You a Gorgeous Lawn, the Easy Way

When it comes to your lawn, it needs more than a bag of fertilizer to keep it healthy and green. The best way to ensure it’s looking great and standing strong against weeds, diseases, pests, and other problems is with routine care. And at Lawn Doctor of Little Rock, we can deliver it with our Fertilization & Weed Plans.

These combine critical services, like fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and treatments for broadleaf weeds, as well as crabgrass, nutgrass, and dallisgrass. Not only is lawn care comprehensive, but delivered on a schedule that’s timed to coincide with important phases of the Little Rock area’s growing cycle.

Beyond turf care, our team also offers regular attention for those larger plantings around your home. In fact, with our Tree & Shrub Care Program, we’ll inspect them regularly, looking for signs of insects like mites, as well as fungus and other diseases. We’ll also apply long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer to promote better growth and color, improving your home’s curb appeal in the process.

Besides our programs for regular care, Lawn Doctor of Little Rock is your go-to source for a range of individual treatments. These include:

  • Fairy Ring Disease
  • Lime & Sulfur Services
  • Soil Enrichment
  • Bed Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Control for Fire Ants, Chinch Bugs, Spittlebugs & Armyworms

Serving Communities Across Little Rock with Lawn Care That’s Guaranteed

We are a leading lawn care service with deep roots in the community. We’re locally owned and operated with a team of technicians that lives and works right here. We’re also deeply invested in bringing out the best in every yard we care for. If, however, there’s a reason you’re not happy after one of our treatments, just let us know. We will make it right with our lawn care guarantee, one of the strongest around and available in all of our service areas, including:

For lawn care in Little Rock, AR that’s easy, affordable, and effective, contact us today for a free consultation!