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Lawn Services for Homeowners in St. Augustine

When pesky weeds and pests start taking over your lawn, there’s only one thing to do: call in the experts at Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns. We offer a comprehensive list of lawn services to help you take back control of your lawn’s health. Homeowners in the St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Mandarin, Switzerland, Fruit Cove, and St. Johns, FL choose our lawn services for their convenience, professional application and ability to provide top-notch results.

About Our Lawn Services for the St. Augustine Area

Whether your lawn is developing dry spots, fighting off a weed invasion, or in need of general care and maintenance, you can count on us to provide the lawn care services that will have you seeing green. We offer a wide range of lawn services to homeowners in the St. Augustine area. Some of our most popular lawn services include:

At Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns, we recognize you have a lot going on in your day-to-day life. From driving the kids to practice to grabbing groceries to work, lawn care may not always climb to the top of your priority list. When you choose Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns, you’re choosing the convenience that area homeowners have come to rely on. We’ll help you craft a lawn care schedule that ensures your lawn gets the care and services it needs to thrive in the hot Florida weather.

Customized Lawn Services for St. Augustine Area Homeowners

Generic services? Not here! We craft customized treatments around the specific lawn we’re treating to boost defenses, increase effectiveness, and address any problem areas. Over-treating or under-treating your turf can set it up for disease, limited or uneven growth. We’ll assess your lawn’s needs and then create a program that will help it grow strong, lush, and green. Whether you’re searching for fertilization services, weed control services, or a combination of several of our effective treatments, you can count on us for reliable lawn care services.

Call Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns today at (904) 217-7983 to learn more about our lawn services and to schedule your FREE onsite evaluation. Our lawn services help homeowners in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Mandarin, Switzerland, Fruit Cove, St. Johns, and the surrounding communities. 


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