Lawn Aeration in St. Augustine

Lawn aeration is one of the many crucial treatments involved in keeping your St. Augustine-area lawn strong, healthy and resilient to seasonal transitions. The purpose of lawn aeration is to reverse any negative side effects caused by compacted soil, while also preventing the soil from becoming compacted again. Compacted soil can arise from several causes, both internal and external, and it can cause a steady health decline in an otherwise healthy lawn. Aeration relieves compacted soil by creating pores in the surface and loosening the earth. At Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns, we improve the short and long-term health of lawns all over the St. Augustine, South Jacksonville, Mandarin, Switzerland, Fruit Cove and St. Johns, FL areas with our proven lawn aeration service.

How Lawn Aeration Works

Lawn aeration operates on the simple principle that creating pores or channels in the upper layers of your soil will relieve pressure, reinstate nutrient circulation and improve root development. The actual implementation of this treatment can vary widely, as there is a large range of devices, tools and products that can be used to aerate your lawn. One common form of aeration is called spike aeration. This method, as the name suggests, uses spike-shaped implements to poke holes in your lawn, increasing permeability. The most common aeration method we use at Lawn Doctor of South Jacksonville-St. Johns is called core aeration. We employ the use of a core aerator to systematically remove long, cylindrical sections of soil from your lawn. The channels created with core aeration are wider than with spike aeration, and the use of core aerating equipment allows us to remove a large number of cores more efficiently.  We also utilize natural products like gypsum to aerate the lawn when core aeration is not likely to provide the long term benefit the lawn needs.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration for St. Augustine Residents

There are several benefits for that come along with our core aeration service for lawns in St. Augustine. The increased permeability created by aeration allows water, oxygen and heat to more readily penetrate your lawn down to the roots, leading to improved short and long-term health. Another benefit of aeration is the increased circulation of nutrients below the surface. Your lawn’s roots need nutrients to grow, and the loosening of compacted soil ensures that they have access to these nutrients.

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