Mosquito Control Services for Commack

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in CommackThere are few things more irritating to have in your lawn than a population of buzzing, biting mosquitoes. Keep your lawn clear of these pesky insects with the comprehensive mosquito control services offered by Lawn Doctor of The North Shore. We offer a proven, multi-faceted approach to keeping your lawn’s mosquito population in check. Home and business owners in the Commack and Suffolk County, NY areas count on our mosquito control services for a safer, more enjoyable lawn.

Our Proven Mosquito Control System in Commack

At Lawn Doctor of The North Shore, we employ a proven system to control your mosquito population and keep them from coming back. Our approach combines our experts’ local knowledge with the latest industry products for optimum effectiveness. Here’s how:

1. Prevention

Prevention is the most important step in any lawn care process, and a solid prevention strategy can save you a lot of headaches through the seasons. During this first part of our mosquito control system, we’ll offer valuable insight on steps you can take throughout the year to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay.

2. Control

Once a mosquito population has moved in, getting rid of them can seem impossible. We employ cutting-edge mosquito control products and materials to address current infestations and place a protective barrier around your lawn to bolster your yard’s defenses and discourage any future would-be invaders.

3. Maintenance

Once your lawn is clear again, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy to keep your Commack-area lawn mosquito-free in the future. We’ll help you develop a simple maintenance strategy, help you identify conditions to avoid and come back to apply follow-up treatments to keep your lawn safe and enjoyable for your family and friends.

Guaranteed Treatments for Commack Homeowners

Our range of mosquito control treatments, as well as the rest of the treatments we offer Commack-area residents, are protected by one of the industry’s best service guarantees. We stand by our treatments so that you can rest easy with the knowledge that your lawn is in safe hands while our knowledgeable technicians get to work on clearing out your pesky pest populations.

Call Lawn Doctor of The North Shore today at (631) 244-0448 to learn more about our mosquito control treatments and to schedule your complimentary evaluation. Our lawn care services are available to homeowners and business all over Commack and the surrounding Suffolk County communities.