Annual Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Commack

Man wearing shirt with green thumb Lawn Doctor logo showing lawn fertilization in Commack

At Lawn Doctor of The North Shore, we know that most of our customers are interested in achieving a thick, healthy, and green yard that their neighbors will marvel at. It’s important to understand that these results can rarely be achieved with mowing and watering alone. Lawn fertilization is essential for optimal grass growth in Commack thanks to the critical nutrients that fertilizer contains. Our lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of The North Shore will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams with our professional lawn fertilization services in Commack, Suffolk County, and the surrounding areas.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services in Commack

Our lawn care experts know exactly what it takes to make your lawn green and lush. We work with a specially formulated fertilizer product that slowly releases much-needed nutrients in your yard. Since your grass will receive a steady supply of nutrients over time, it will continue to grow green, healthy, and disease-resistant. One of the major nutrients included in our fertilizer formula is nitrogen, which is responsible for green growth and optimal health.

In order to achieve ideal results, we apply fertilizer with our professional Turf Tamer® equipment for a consistent application that leaves your lawn even and prevents the consequences of over fertilization. In addition to producing patchy areas, the application of too much fertilizer can cause thatch build-up and lead to pest problems that are difficult to control. An overabundance of fertilizer can also have negative implications for the environment due to fertilizer runoff, causing harm to plants and animals in your area.

Ongoing Lawn Fertilization Programs in Commack

Once you experience the difference that our professional lawn fertilization service from Lawn Doctor of The North Shore can make for your yard in Commack, you’ll never want to return to the patchy, fading grass you had in the past. We offer ongoing fertilization programs customized to the specific needs of your yard so that you can enjoy green grass all year long. We’ll take into account the type of grass you have, upcoming weather conditions, and your yard’s unique requirements to produce a schedule of fertilization treatments that will leave you with greener, healthier grass growth.

Take the first step towards the yard of your dreams today with professional lawn fertilization. Call Lawn Doctor of The North Shore at (631) 244-0448 to hear more about what our local lawn care experts in Commack, Suffolk County, and the neighboring communities can do for you.