Lawn Aeration in Commack

Is your lawn the neighborhood place to party and play? All that activity can lead to soil compaction and thatch build-up. In addition, other variables, from a season of heavy rains to clay-based soil, can compound both issues, resulting in weak growth, greater vulnerabilities, and a lawn that doesn’t look its best. That’s where Lawn Doctor of The North Shore can help. We offer lawn aeration services to customers across Commack and throughout the Suffolk County, NY area. These services are designed to reduce compaction and thatch as well as enhance the health and appearance of local lawns.

Lawn Aeration: What are the Benefits for Yards in the Commack Area?

When soil is compacted, there isn’t space for oxygen, nutrients, and water to flow freely and reach grass roots. At the same time, compaction puts pressure on roots, suffocating them over time. Thatch further hinders development by blocking out vital essentials, like water and fertilizer, from soaking into the ground. That’s when lawns aeration is needed.

With our approach to aeration, we can alleviate these issues by perforating your lawn and taking out soil plugs a few inches deep, easing compaction and reducing thatch. This process takes the pressure off your lawn, allowing air to get back into the ground and circulate to the roots. It also enhances water absorption and improves nutrient uptake.

With a lawn that’s well-aerated, there’s:

  • More room for roots to expand and grow deeper
  • Less runoff of water and fertilizer
  • Reduced surface thatch and the diseases and pests that like to hide in it
  • A greater ability to withstand heat and drought, as well as other climate stressors

Lawn Aeration Timing: When to Perform it & How Often

Lawns in and around the local area are composed of different grass varieties and therefore have varying requirements when it comes to timing aeration. However, generally for cool-season grasses common in the Northeast, aeration is best performed either early in spring or during autumn.

If your soil type is clay-based or your lawn gets frequent and heavy foot traffic, then annual aeration – or aeration several times a year – might be required to maintain optimal results. With Lawn Doctor of The North Shore, one of our trained technicians can analyze your yard and how you use it to create a personalized schedule just right for you.

Lawn Doctor of The North Shore offers lawn aeration services to customers throughout Commack, NY and nearby Suffolk County communities. To learn more, call (631) 244-0448 today for your free assessment.