Why Professional Lawn Care in Rhode Island Makes All the Difference for Your Yard

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing professional lawn care in Rhode IslandWhen your lawn’s health is threatened, the differences between professional and DIY treatments can determine your lawn’s ability to make a full recovery and produce healthy growth in the long run. There are many separate aspects of a lawn’s health, and DIY lawn care routines often fall short by not taking all of these different aspects into consideration. At Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, we utilize our proven, comprehensive approach to lawn care to bring area lawns complete coverage and improved overall health. With our professional lawn care, we help Rhode Island homeowners from Westerly to Woonsocket, the East Bay communities, and Aquidneck Island achieve great-looking lawns without the time-consuming yard work.

Our Professional Lawn Care Treatments in Rhode Island

Our lawn care not only produces better-looking lawns by offering a more comprehensive approach to treatment, we also boost results by offering higher-quality treatments than the DIY alternative. Here are just a few of the professional treatments our licensed technicians implement to keep area lawns green and growing throughout the year:

Core Aeration. Reversing the effects of compacted soil on your own can be extremely time-consuming. With our core aeration treatments, we utilize advanced equipment to alleviate compression in your soil by removing precise soil sections and breaking up compressed areas. These precision-driven treatments restore the healthy circulation of water, nutrients, and oxygen throughout your lawn for improved overall health and renewed growth.

pH Balancing. Altering your lawn’s acidity levels on your own can be dangerous for your grass and other lawn plants, as an adjustment that ends up in too much or too little acidity can inhibit your lawn’s ability to fully utilize the nutrients in the soil. Our pH balancing treatments utilize proven techniques and the expertise of our licensed technicians to create an environment conducive to growth and improved long-term health.

Power Seeding. DIY seeding treatments often fall short of delivering top-notch results because of uneven application, timing issues, and other common mishaps. With our power seeding treatments, we boost germination by employing our proprietary power seeding equipment to ensure even and accurate applications.

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