Mosquito and Tick Control in Rhode Island: Options to Fit Your Needs

Mosquito and Tick Control in Rhode IslandEnjoying your yard can be challenging once invasive mosquitoes and ticks have moved in. These pests can not only fill your arms and legs with itchy bites, but they can also expose you to a serious health threat. To rid your landscape of these pesky insects, without the headaches that come with applying pest treatments on your own, turn to our experts at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island. We offer cutting-edge mosquito and tick control programs to our neighbors throughout Rhode Island.

The Benefits of Professional Mosquito and Tick Control

There are several advantages that come with choosing professional mosquito and tick management over implementing treatments on your own. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with leaving the prevention and control of mosquitoes and ticks to our team of knowledgeable yard care experts:

  • Accelerated results
  • Comprehensive coverage of your landscape
  • Guaranteed relief from mosquito invasions and control of tick populations
  • Customized solutions for your landscape

Ongoing Plans for Rhode Island Homeowners

Maintaining a mosquito and tick free yard is an ongoing job. It gets especially tricky to keep up with it when you’re already operating on a busy schedule. With our ongoing service plans, we’ll consistently remove risk factors and address budding populations to keep mosquitoes and ticks under control.

At Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, we know that you want fast and effective relief from our mosquito and tick control services. It’s why we recommend our Ongoing Service Plans. Sure, some companies offer plans on an as needed basis, but how effective is that? The key to enjoying a pest free yard all summer and fall is to commit to ongoing services that prevent new populations of mosquitoes and ticks from re-establishing themselves on your property. We’ll visit your home to make regular applications of our treatments ensuring that these biting pests stay away so you can enjoy your property bite free.

To learn more about our mosquito and tick control in Rhode Island, contact us today! We provide proven mosquito and tick control solutions to homeowners statewide; Westerly to Woonsocket, the East Bay and West Bay communities and of course Aquidneck Island.