Lawn Care in Rhode Island: Common Questions Answered

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn care in Rhode IslandIf you’ve been on the fence about professional lawn care, but you still have some questions, you can rest assured you’re not alone. The idea of professional lawn care provokes a long list of common questions from local homeowners regarding everything from schedules and timeframes to results, treatments, and products. We implement our brand of lawn care with hands-on customer service, and we’re here to answer all of your questions about our approach to lawn care in Rhode Island, from Westerly to Woonsocket, the East Bay & West Bay communities and Aquidneck Island.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Care in Rhode Island

Although you can always get in touch with our team with any questions you may have, you may find your questions in the list of questions that are commonly asked of us by local homeowners. Here are a few common questions and their corresponding answers to give you some information you may be looking for:

What are the benefits of choosing professional lawn care over treating my lawn by myself?

There is a wide range of advantages to choosing our professional lawn care over treating your lawn on your own. DIY lawn treatments can be full of potential headaches, hidden costs, and guesswork, not to mention taking up a healthy chunk of your free time. By working with our team at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, you avoid all of these hassles while also gaining access to professional products for better results than the typical DIY alternative.

How many applications will it take to fix my lawn’s issues?

There is no fixed number of applications that will fix any given problem in your lawn. Different lawn issues require different approaches, and these approaches often require different numbers of applications to get the job done right. For fertilization, we recommend four-to-six treatments per year, but our other services are implemented on a case-by-case basis especially when it comes to lawn diseases and the resolution of other pest problems such as insects and stubborn weeds.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my results?

By working with our team at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, you gain access to treatments that are protected with one of the best service guarantees in the industry. If you’re not satisfied with one of our treatments, let us know within 30 days of the service and we’ll make it right.

For more information on our professional lawn care in Rhode Island, contact us today! We offer premium lawn care options to homeowners throughout Rhode Island, from Westerly to Woonsocket, the East Bay & West Bay communities and Aquidneck Island.