Mosquito Control Services for Gaithersburg

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in GaithersburgDon’t let mosquitoes threaten your family and your outdoor fun this summer. With Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County, you can gain control over potential issues before they become a dangerous problem. We offer a wide variety of options to customers all over the Gaithersburg, MD area, including our Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program. With it, you’ll get a powerful, multi-step approach to diminishing mosquito numbers in your yard this spring, summer, and fall.

Our Yard Armour program works by:

  • Preventing. Does your yard seem to attract more mosquitoes than most? Our trained technicians can show you the problem areas and how to effectively get rid of them.
  • Controlling. With Yard Armour, you’ll get protection that works against adult insects, as well as their eggs and larvae. It also creates a barrier around your property, preventing mosquitoes from getting through and attacking.
  • Maintaining. With mosquitoes thoroughly suppressed, we will maintain these results during the outdoor season. We will return at key points to deliver maintenance applications for ongoing protection.

Specialty Mosquito Control Available in the Gaithersburg Area

Beyond our standard Yard Armour program, Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County is also known throughout the Gaithersburg area for our natural approach to mosquito control. These services rely on 100% organic / natural products that safely keep mosquitoes at bay in a way that’s environmentally friendly, too.

mosquito treated by mosquito control in GaithersburgIn addition, we also offer one-time treatment sprays for those special events you’re planning, whether it’s a low-key picnic or a formal party, such as a wedding. You can ensure your big day and the people invited to it are well-protected.

Mosquito Control Guarantee in Gaithersburg

Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County works hard to deliver effective mosquito control solutions to our countless customers across the Gaithersburg area and in many surrounding communities. But if you spot a problem or results aren’t what we promised, call us. Our 100% service guarantee sets us apart and means we will make it right.

Our mosquito control services are available in areas including Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Potomac and the surrounding Montgomery County area, Northern PG County, MD, as well as Great Falls, Reston, and McLean, VA. To learn more and book a free consultation, call 1.877.762.4461 today.