Lawn Weed Control Service in Gaithersburg

When you see weeds taking over in your lawn, it’s important to act quickly. They do more than look ugly, as they can actually damage your turf. That’s where the expert team at Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County can help. With our lawn weed control services, available in the Gaithersburg area, we can put an end to aggressively spreading weeds and help you reclaim a healthier, better-looking lawn.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in the Gaithersburg Area

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Gaithersburg

There are many types of weeds that show up in local lawns that require control. They grow in at different times of the year, with some preferring warm weather and others thriving under cooler temperatures. In addition, weeds like perennials, as opposed to annuals, come back every year if not treated. As a result, they can develop a deep-growing root system in your lawn, making them difficult to treat.

That’s where Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County comes in. We have experience with a broad range of different weed species and not only know how to identify them, but when and how to best treat them. We even customize our weed control treatments to ensure we’re delivering the most effective applications possible in your lawn. You can turn to our lawn care experts for help in treating:

  • Broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Annual and perennial weeds
  • Cool-season and warm-season weeds

Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County: About Our Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County makes lawn weed control easier for customers across the Gaithersburg area. Not only can we quickly suppress post-emergent weeds already growing in your lawn, but we can provide pre-emergent applications, too. This suppresses young weeds that are still growing underground, where you can’t see them. These treatments halt the development process, so weeds never sprout through the surface of your soil and start competing with turf for water and nutrients.

Beyond stand-alone weed treatments, we also offer our Lawn Maintainer program for fertilization and weed control. With this annual program, you can rest assured your lawn will get the fuel it needs for healthy growth and better defenses against weeds, as well as diseases and pests.

Lawn Doctor of Montgomery County offers free lawn weed control consultations in Gaithersburg, Northern PG County, and Montgomery County in MD as well as Reston, Great Falls, and McLean in VA. Call (877) 762-4461 today to set up yours.