Choosing Our Lawn Care Company in Covington

woman playing with puppy on lawn care company covington grass What makes us the clear choice when your lawn’s health is on the decline? When your lawn starts growing weeds and nothing else, despite your latest maintenance efforts, you’ll be looking for answers. With our experience in the industry, local expertise and proven service list, we have those answers. Our lawn care company offers homeowners in the Covington, McDonough, Conyers, Lithonia, Oxford, Ellenwood and Stockbridge, GA areas the lawn solutions they need for a healthy, green yard.

Partnering with Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington means choosing a lawn care company that is constantly striving to deliver the best services in the industry. We have developed ongoing relationships with many homeowners across the community with our advanced approach to lawn care. Here are just a few examples of what that approach includes:

  • Cutting-edge tools
  • Long and short-term treatment options
  • Multi-approach service packages
  • Proprietary technology and products

The Advantages of Working with Our Lawn Care Company

Working with us gives you access to the next level of lawn care. Here are some of the benefits you gain when you choose Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington as your lawn care company:

  • We Customize Our Treatments
    When you change your car’s oil, you make sure it’s the right oil for the engine, right? We believe the same concept should apply to lawn care.  Lawn treatments that have been optimized for your yard’s specific needs will go further towards getting your lawn back in shape than generic treatments. We customize our services to accelerate results and set our customers’ lawns up for long-term health.
  • We Stand By Our Performance
    A solid service list with no guarantee is still a risk. At Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington, a service guarantee is a no-brainer, which is why we back our treatments with one of the best guarantees in town. When you work with our lawn care company, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your lawn is protected and in the hands of knowledgeable experts.

For more information on our treatments and to schedule your FREE estimate, call Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington today at (678) 931-9166. Our lawn care company offers an extensive list of proven treatments to homeowners in Covington, McDonough, Conyers, Lithonia, Oxford, Ellenwood, Stockbridge and the surrounding communities.